Choosing the right weapons, shoes and shields in Dreamscaper is important. No less important is choosing the best memory that gives Cassidy passive abilities. 

This is usually a percentage increase in the attack of another element or attribute. 

Some provide Cassidy’s friends to help her in combat.

Once picked up and added to the inventory, they cannot be easily removed. 

There are instances where someone will (or can) be removed, but there is no “Drop Keepsake” option in the inventory. 

There are damn memories too, so be sure to read the in-game descriptions when they appear.

Safety Boots

While playing Dreamscaper, players will find many areas of red matter on the ground. 

Areas with this substance damage Cassidy as she passes through them. 

Not much damage, but in a game where the player only gets one life, any damage is significant. 

Safety shoes ward off damage from these red spots.

Players can use these red holes to avoid (skip) points on the ground.

However, it is much easier to ignore it. In addition, some areas are almost completely covered by these red holes. 

This memory reduces the difficulty of the game, which can be very difficult. 

Safety Boots is probably the best easy-to-use storage in Dreamscaper.

Comfy Pillow

Health is one of the most important resources in Dreamscaper – more than Sand (in-game currency), more than Influence, more than Lucid, and more than keys and bombs. 

The reason is simple: in Dreamscaper, the player only has one life, so Cassidy’s health is everything.

Comfort Pillow gives +30% Health and +50% Lucid. 

This will help Cassidy stay alive in two ways. 

The first and most obvious is the improvement of health.

The second is extra lucid. This allowed Cassidy to fire a few more grenades with her ranged weapon. We hope this protects him from any harm he may suffer.

Wizard Robe

10 best Keepsakes in Dreamscaper

The Wizard Robe is another memory that boosts health, among other things. 

If a player wants to finish the game, the importance of increasing Cassidy’s maximum health cannot be overstated. 

The Witch’s Cloak increases Cassidy’s health by 30%.

This memory also increases all fire, poison, lightning, wind, ice, oil, and water damage by 10%. 

The items Cassidy receives in-game are determined randomly. 

With the Wizard Robe, no matter what weapon the player finds, there is a high chance that their damage will be increased by this memory.

Security Blanket

There are many memories of asking a companion to help Cassidy. 

Mostly of the offensive variety. One of several defensive companions, the Security Blanket summons a companion that revolves around Cassidy, protecting her from enemy attacks. This is a passive ability; which means it’s working alone to protect Cassidy.

The area that makes up the level can be limited and full of enemies. 

At such a time, it would be difficult to dodge enemy attacks. 

In addition, multiple enemies can reduce Cassidy’s health bar by 1/5 with a single attack. 

In the next level, the enemy will become stronger and the number of enemy bullets moving around the area will increase. 

This makes the protective cover more effective as the player progresses.


One of the game mechanics that players should try to exploit when lucky enough to find the right item is to bounce their projectiles off enemies. 

This makes long-range weapons more effective (and efficient). 

Having a weapon that bounces its projectiles off multiple enemies, as frisbees do naturally, makes the game a lot less frustrating.

The weapons that seem to benefit the most from this memory are the Frisbee, Optic Sear, and Finger Gun. 

These weapons deal a lot of damage, and the ability to hit multiple enemies with a single projectile will clear enemy areas in no time.


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Rear-View Mirror

This is another memory satellite. However, unlike the Security Blanket, the Rear-View Mirror summons satellites that attack the enemy. 

Dreamscaper has plenty of attack satellites, but the Rear-View Mirror is widely considered to be one of the best.

This Keepsake companion fires projectiles at enemies approaching Cassidy from behind.

There will be many moments when players are running for their lives.

This allows for some separation while Cassidy escapes. 

This satellite shell not only deals damage, but also makes the enemy faint. 

The rearview mirror allows players to focus on enemies without worrying about enemies approaching from behind. 

And even if it doesn’t kill them, it will at least slow them down.


This is a reminder that experienced Dreamscaper players want to see. 

Photocopy Keepsake adds additional projectiles to any weapon Cassidy uses, effectively doubling its effectiveness. After all, this is an in-game description. 

This doesn’t seem to work on long-range weapons that fire continuously, like the Optic Sear or the Boostie Fuego.

Photocopying makes ranged weapons like the Finger Gun or Frisbee powerful enough to make late-player cool weapons. 

Combine this Keepsake with other ranged weapon-boosting ones – like the next two entries.

Sewing Needle

The Sewing Needle is one of Dreamscaper’s best Keepsakes focused on ranged weapons. 

This Keepsake grants the penetration attribute to grenades fired by Cassidy. 

Drilling causes the grenade to penetrate the enemy, dealing damage in the process. 

Many enemies past the point of suffocation can be eliminated quickly and with just a few shots.

Sewing Needle isn’t great for melee builds, but in either case (melee or long range), these keepsakes will help players get the most out of their Lucid meter. 

Getting a bunch of enemies to follow Cassidy was easy. 

With a sewing needle, a good strategy for Cassidy is to move forward, then turn around and shoot at the group.

Toy Pigeon

10 best Keepsakes in Dreamscaper

Long-range shots are easy to miss in Dreamscaper, especially if you ignore the option to increase assist aim. 

The Toy Pigeon makes the shells look for enemies. 

The benefits are clear – now players don’t have to worry about missing targets.

This souvenir is superior in combination with the Sewing Needle. 

With those two memories, the projectile penetrated the first target and then searched for the secondary target. 

Faster projectiles may fail to hit a secondary target before passing through.

Fire Bird

This is the best Keepsake in Dreamscaper. 

This is out of the question. Fire Bird basically gives players an extra life… in a game that only gives them one thing. 

When Cassidy dies, Fire Bird revives her with half her maximum hit points. 

This breaks the Fire Bird and removes it from the inventory. 

So this is a disposable item.

The Keepsakes on this list, and there are many good ones omitted from this list, have very useful abilities. 

However, the ability to not have to start over because Cassidy was hit two more steps by the health potion was her most powerful ability. 

This saves players time and prevents disappointment.

Dreamscaper is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.


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