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PS5 is becoming a hot item globally and PS5 news is definitely what is on the front page of many technology magazines. And this inadvertently caused extremely fierce competition for game makers when they had to create quality products to meet the increasingly complex tastes of PS5 users. If you are owning a PlayStation 5 or you will buy it soon, then here are 5 amazing games you MUST know and buy when possible.

These games below will be big storm for PS5 - 5 amazing games you MUST know if owning PlayStation 5
These games below will be a big storm for PS5

What do we have?

1. Black Myth: WuKong

I am extremely surprised when my work associated with my childhood has the opportunity to appear on the PS5 platform. This is a famous Chinese film, but it is certainly unfamiliar to the West. The magic spells of Wukong will be perfectly recreated through unique gameplay using the Soul-slide element. From just a short trailer by developer Game Science Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. launched in September 2020, Black Myth: Wu Kong almost surprised the world gamers and especially those who love Chinese history. Every major game forum is filled with search information about this game.

On the Game Science Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. side, they are an independent game development company founded by a team of former Tencent Games employees in 2014. The original concept that the team came up with was focused on online games (you can search for Art of War: Red Tides, a cool strategy game from this company). But it was the rapid change of the game market that caused them to change course. And in my opinion, focusing on developing Black Myth: Wu Kong, an image associated with the history of Chinese cinema, is extremely correct in the current context.

Through the first trailer and 13-minute short film released recently, those who are fans of the series of RPG games can easily see that Black Myth: Wu Kong has learned a lot from its successful seniors like God of War, Monster Hunter, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice … The Monkey King’s fighting-defense mechanism evokes a familiar feeling. However, designing the scene, fighting scenes, how the protagonist uses weapons and magic very real will leave you with an impression of depth and realism.

Currently, Black Myth: Wu Kong has no specific release date. But with the enthusiastic support from both players and review sites, we all hope that the management company will rush to recruit staff so that the project will soon be launched to the community.

2. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

As part of Sony’s State of Play event, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is back to give players a bit more information regarding the content as well as various minor aspects of gameplay. This action-adventure game is built around the journey of the protagonist, Kena to the Sacred Mountain Shrine.

According to what the producer revealed, the spirits are fully exploiting the Sacred Mountain Shrine to disturb and weaken the lives of the people around this area. And Kena is the answer to this danger as she can transcend these souls. The adventure destination will be the highest point of the Sacred Mountain Shrine. Along the way, Kena will have to fight to transcend and release the restraints of the dark forces that are absorbing its power regardless of day and night.

With cartoon-like graphics, eye-catching characters, extremely detailed scenes, this promises to be a product that will be loved by many people when it launches.

The game will be released on August 24, 2021.


3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Appeared in 1987, that is, more than 30 years ago, but the attraction from Final Fantasy has never diminished. And it would be a mistake if Square Enix did not develop a version specifically for the PS5 system.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is a DLC parallel to the main storyline that gives you a glimpse of characters that are rarely mentioned. That is Yuffie and her companion Sonon. And who they are, only by experience will you understand.

In terms of graphics, the game has a significant upgrade with 4k resolution and 60 fps. Perhaps this is the reason why Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is exclusively released on PS5. Now you won’t have to worry about texture errors on objects like before.

The game will be released on October 6, 2021.

4. Returnal

It’s been 4 years since I last saw Housemarque on the gaming market. And Returnal is probably a milestone for their return. The fact that the game makers of this company exploit the science of the life-and-death cycle shows their determination and investment in the fiercely competitive PS5 market.

It all started from the accident that the protagonist Selene encountered that forced her to land on an alien planet. On the way to restore her ship to leave the planet, she must fight strange creatures. And of course, since she is alone among so many enemies, our Selene is unlikely to survive from start to finish. Every time our female warrior dies, she returns to her ship and starts her journey again, but each time the planet changes its spatial structures. Very interesting, isn’t it? Besides, the main character is also equipped with a variety of guns and skills that you need time to unlock and use to fight the enemy.

The Returnal puts the player amid the siege of many enemies in a third-person perspective.

The game will release on April 30, 2020

5. Horizon Forbidden West

It would not be too much to say that Horizon Forbidden West is a “new world” version for Horizon Zero Dawn lovers. Bigger, more magnificent, and of course more dangerous. The robots will be designed with a complex structure and a much larger size.

Our main character will still be Alloy. The only difference is that this time she knew the reason she was chosen as well as her mission in this land. The game will take players to explore many lands in the territory of California, San Francisco, or Yosemite valley to investigate mysterious disease-threatening living creatures. The mysteries can be anywhere, on the ground or even deep in the ocean, as long as you are passionate enough to explore. Besides, more secrets about the reason why the Old Ones’ world was destroyed will be revealed.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released in 2021.

Closing Thought

These are the games that I feel deserve a place in your PS5. My analysis and evaluation are based on reputable game sites. Hope it will help you to have one more reference channel.

Also, do you know any good games for PS5? Share with us now.

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