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Subway Surfers online is an addicting game released in 2012. Are you playing this game? Be with 4freegame to find five tips to set the high score!

About subway surfers online game

Subway Surfers took the mobile gaming industry in 2012. This game was developed by SYBO Games. It has been quite popular among smartphone users. 

If you’re looking for a quick game in your free time, it’s for you. The game is gorgeous and delicate. The color looks comfortable. The operation is very smooth and amazing. 

In this game, your character races across the train tracks. While racing, your character collects coins and mystery boxes to unlock new characters and boost upgrades.

It is a fun game, as it allows you to get a sneak peek at a country’s culture by just running on train tracks. However, remember that if you were to lose your footing, the grumpy inspector and his dog will arrest you, then end your running.

The grumpy inspector and his dog will arrest you.

You can help your character dodge the moody cops and his dog by swiping up, down, left and right to avoid obstacles or oncoming trains. You can turn left and right in the air, or double-tap the screen to bring up the skateboard. The game consists of various props like spring shoes, magnets and flying machines.

Many versions of the game are coming out with new maps, new missions with stunning graphics for you to discover.

More than 1 billion users on Android and 300 million users on iOS and millions of users on other platforms are enough to prove that subway surfers is a game for all ages. You can play with your friends, relatives for fun.


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5 tips to set the high score in subway surfers online

Two hands are better than one

Many players just use a single finger to swipe throughout the game. This is not the most efficient way to play. If you want to get the high score that your Facebook friends aspire to beat, then it’s better to play with two hands. 

It’s better to play with two hands.

This will allow you to swipe towards any direction and also bring all of your attention to this game.

Run on the trains

The best option to run on is the top of the trains rather than the ground. If you’re on the ground, there is an increase in chance of getting hit by obstacles or a speedy train. 

So if you have to get down, seek for the first chance to climb on a train. To stay on the roof of trains, learn the trick of jumping and swiping to change trains.

Keep on running after being hit

Hoverboard is a key feature of the game. That’s why this game is named “Subway Surfers”. 

Using an overboard will allow you to prolong your runs even if you were to crash into any obstacles. 

The tip here is to keep your overboard meter recharged for emergencies, and when you feel that you can hit an obstacle or hit a running train, activate it right now.  This will break your overboard, but at the same time allow you to keep on your game.

Value your keys

You can revive your character if there is a key in a run. However, using keys many times during a run will make you run out. So, when you really need a key, you will not get it any more. 

Try not to not use your keys during short runs.

Once reviving your character with a key, the repeated usage becomes more expensive thus making your shuffle out of your keys very fast. Try not to not use your keys during short runs and only take them out when you really need to during a high score run.

Boosters need upgrades

In the progress of the game, you can’t collect and use boosters. You can extend the time of a booster by using coins to upgrade your boosters from the shop.


What’s so good about the Subway Surfers online game?

Hopefully, with 5 tips to set the high score in subway surfers online, you will enjoy and relax your game to the best. Remember to leave your idea below!

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