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Activision Blizzard – Last week, Activision Blizzard’s staff “woke up” after California state authorities filed a lawsuit against the company over discrimination and harassment of women in the workplace.

The lawsuit received a lot of responses, more than 2,000 signatures demanding benefits for employees collected, and also strikes were planned.

Activision Blizzard initially denied all the allegations, but in the face of a wave of outrage – the company said it would investigate the matter seriously. Making changes to improve internally, and update its products to reflect the company’s vision.


The organization that filed the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard is the California State Fair Work and Residential Agency (DFEH).

DFEH accused the company of paying women less for men while forcing them to work more.

At the same time, DFEH also claims that the company has a lot of harassment against women, and calls it the “Origin of Harassment and Discrimination”.

The lawsuit exposes a lot of the bad things men in Activision Blizzard have done, like drinking, getting drunk, groping women, and more. The lawsuit also mentions that a woman had… Suicide on a business trip with his superiors.

After DFEH filed a lawsuit, Activision Blizzard’s side quickly responded, claiming that the agency overheated and inaccurate in the allegations.

Frances Townsend, vice president of corporate internal matters, said the indictment painted a distorted and untrue picture of Activision Blizzard. A lot of the stories provided are old, untrue, and without context.

This move from Activision Blizzard has made employees feel disgruntled! More than 2,000 employees and former employees of the company signed an open letter to management, criticizing the response.

The letter said that it was unacceptable for company leaders to assume that DFEH’s allegations were unfounded. While many employees and former employees had spoken about harassment.

The letter makes three important offers for the company:

  • The company needs to accept the facts about the allegations
  • Frances Townsend must take the consequences of his actions
  • Activision Blizzard needs to work with employees to create a more open and secure working environment
  • Some staff also planned a strike, which began on Wednesday morning, July 28.


After the first reactions received without a shortage of bricks, the company began to make a kinder move. Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick had an open letter talking about the issue.

He admitted the first moves on the part of the company were unacceptable. Internal adjustment activities of the company are conducting quickly. Discrimination or harassment is unacceptable in the company.

The company will investigate all relevant allegations, hold listening sessions to improve workplace culture, and at the same time re-evaluate the management and leadership apparatus.

The law firm WilmerHale will take a review the company’s policies and procedures.

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