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Alan Wake Remastered will be released next month and comparing the new graphic of the game with the original game, which will show how much the graphics have improved.

The game Alan Wake Remastered was recently announced after some extremely accurate leaks spread on the internet. This time around, Remedy Entertainment is still giving gamers a familiar action-adventure and psychological horror game, but with upgraded character models and improved performance on current-generation platforms. Grand.

The image of the 2010 Alan Wake game can be considered imperfect by current standards of graphic fidelity, but that obviously cannot make gamers fall in love with the game. It won’t be long until Alan Wake Remastered is officially released and some of the screenshots and recent trailers are the final promotional materials, so we can already do some comparisons. between the original Alan Wake game and the Alan Wake Remastered game to determine how much the remake’s graphics quality will improve compared to the original.

The characters are designed in more detail

This is one of the comparisons that gamers will most likely notice, the released screenshots by Alan Wake Remastered show the cinematic cutscenes have been significantly enhanced and look more detailed more than the original Alan Wake game. The video also demonstrates that the developers put a lot of emphasis on enhancing the animations and interactions of the game’s characters.

Alan Wake Remastered – Is the graphics better than its predecessor?

Alan Wake’s character model remade

Since Alan Wake is the main protagonist of the game and is a future character who will be involved in the sequels and other unannounced projects of Remedy, it should come as no surprise that the mold model Alan’s face was reworked to better fit a modern update. One of the reasons for Remedy Entertainment to remake Alan Wake is most likely to introduce the original game to new fans and rekindle the original storyline with old players, rather than simply creating a full sequel for the community, they wanted modern gamers to be able to get acquainted with the original first.

Alan Wake Remastered – Is the graphics better than its predecessor?

Less improved environment

When looking at the photos showing the environment of Alan Wake, the difference between the original and the remake becomes less obvious. Both Alan Wake and Alan Wake Remastered’s environments are carefully crafted landscapes to maintain an extensive depth of field, so the environment may not be the biggest concern for Alan Wake Remastered.

Alan Wake Remastered – Is the graphics better than its predecessor?

The blur effect of the original game was enough to bring out the strange atmosphere that the developers wanted to show in the dark, dark context of the game. Because much of Alan Wake’s gameplay takes place in the dark or flooded with light, Alan Wake was able to hide most of its rough textures Alan Wake Remastered looks like it will retain those rough effects, but focus more on improving lighting details, especially the way light reflects off surfaces.

Alan Wake Remastered Will Open More Series To Remedy’s Universe

Alan Wake Remastered is not a remake of the game, and therefore the game does not necessarily have to be remade from scratch or reworked every single content that existed in the original Instead. The game features focused content and focus that Remedy enhanced to make the remastered version a modern experience on next-gen platforms.

These screenshots show off pretty well the graphics that players will enjoy on compatible platforms. However, the photos still do not distinguish whether the insignificant details have been upgraded as thoroughly as the character models. Identical bookshelves and other miscellaneous assets are examples of texture patterns that appear frequently throughout the Alan Wake game, and it’s currently unclear how they will be fixed in the game remaster.

When Remedy released Control’s DLC starring Alan Wake, they proved that protagonist Alan Wake’s story would continue. Alan Wake Remastered will be a great experiment to help Remedy produce the next Alan Wake parts. Because Alan Wake Remastered is not exclusive to consoles like the original game, the player count of this release is sure to grow even bigger in the near future.

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