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If you are a fan of God of War, you must know Ares is God of War. He is the titular antagonist of the Greek Era. Do you want to know more about him?

Ares in God of War is one of the Twelve OLYMPIAN GODS and the son of ZEUS and HERA. In literature, he symbolizes the violent and physically untamed aspect of war.

Ares’s Powers and Abilities

He was appointed by Zeus to be the God of War. At some point, Ares became hungry for power and sought to become the king of Mt. Olympus.

Although being cowardly, Ares is very strong and powerful. He’s able to use a great number of godly powers. Typically, he furiously destroyed the barbarians. 

He also conjures powerful weapons like a warhammer, spewing fire out the end and a flaming sword.

It is said that he can shapeshift like other gods, he can change his size, and sprout a set of bladed appendages out of his back to get more advantages in battles. 


Ares is very strong and powerful.

He has immortality. This makes him immune to mostly all attacks, and can only be killed by other Gods, Titans, or divine weapons and artifacts.

Ares is good at creating illusions, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, teleportation, conjuring volcanic rocks to crush his foes. Also, he can create a pocket dimension.


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Ares in God of War to seek for Kratos

Ares is a central antagonist of the Greek Era of God of War video game series. He serves as the titular character of God of War, the overarching antagonist of the prequel game God of War Ascension. 

Ares is also the unseen overarching antagonist of God of War Chains of Olympus and the posthumous overarching antagonist of God of War: Ghost of Sparta and a posthumous antagonist in God of War II and III.

He is extremely cruel and destructive. This is later revealed in God of War II that Zeus is the father of protagonist Kratos, making him the half-brother of Ares.

Zeus stopped the Gods from having any war against each other, because he didn’t want the mortals to be in danger. So Ares had to find an alternative. 

One day, Ares met Furies; Megaera, Tisiphone, and Alecto. He allied with them to take over Mount Olympus and even had a relationship with their queen, Alecto. He wanted to produce the perfect warrior for their plans.

They produced a son, Orkos. However Ares recognized Orkos to be a disappointment and abandoned him. As a result, he let the Furies use him as their oathkeeper.

Finally, Orkos was aware of his parents’ plans. So he and his lover, Aletheia, tried to warn Zeus about his parents’ plan to destroy Olympus. But Ares knew that, and had the Furies intervene.

Ares and Kratos

So, The Furies planned to capture Orkos and Aletheia before they could inform Zeus. Orkos was punished by his mothers, and Aletheia was imprisoned and guarded closely.

In the meanwhile, Ares was seeking for a new warrior. A warrior needs to have a merciless nature, and an urge for fighting. Finally, he met a young boy with an urge to battle Kratos.

Meeting and Gaining the Servitude of Kratos

Ares met Kratos when the God of War, Goddess of Wisdom and Ares’ sister; Athena was sent to catch the “Marked Warrior” that an oracle predicted would end the rule of the gods and destroy Olympus. It was Kratos’ brother, Deimos, a warrior that the prophecy spoke of due to the birthmarks on his body.

Ares and Athena were sent to Sparta, where the God of War took Deimos to be imprisoned in the Domain of Death. To stop them from taking his brother, Kratos tried to attack Ares, but Ares struck him away, leaving him a scar on his right eye. 

Before God of War could kill him, Athena told him to leave the boy and they came for the Marked Warrior. Then, Ares left with Deimos, handed over to Thanatos.

Many years later, Kratos took his allegiance to the God of War. After Kratos found that his Spartan army didn’t match with the barbarian forces and was at the mercy of the Barbarian King, he called out to Ares, offering him his life and servitude if the war god destroyed his enemies.


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He accepted and unleashed his powers to destroy the barbarians, then gave Kratos the Blades of Chaos as a symbol of his servitude. 

Then, he and his soldiers fought with Greece and slaughtered many people. Ares decided that it was his time to make his servant into the ultimate warrior of death and sent Kratos to a village which worshiped Athena.

The Spartan and his warriors killed the inhabitants and burned everything around. Kratos himself stormed into Athena’s temple and began slaughtering everything, killing his wife and daughter in his blood rage as Ares’s plan. 

Kratos himself stormed into Athena’s temple.

After Kratos realized everything, Ares appeared within the flames and told the Spartan that with his wife and child gone, he became Death itself. However Kratos was not as pleased and avenged Ares.

Ares’ True Intentions

Ares had bigger plans for Kratos. He wanted to take over Mt. Olympus and turned Kratos into a warrior powerful enough to destroy Olympus’ walls. Kratos eventually realized Ares’ plans thanks to Ares’ son, Orkos. But Kratos wanted nothing to do with it.

Orkos also told Kratos that he was connected to Ares via a Blood Oath. This is the only way to end the blood oath to kill his mothers; Megaera, Tisiphone, and Alecto.

After Kratos killed the Furies, Orkos told Kratos that he was still connected to Ares. The Furies implanted Kratos’ blood oath onto Orkos if they were killed. 

Orkos told Kratos that the only way to end the blood oath was to kill him. After Kratos was reluctant to kill Orkos, he was no longer connected to Ares with the blood oath. After giving a proper burial for his friend, Kratos set forth to get his revenge against the God of War.


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