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It’s not easy to create a cinematic universe like Marvel. And if you have a chance to see the films of this company, you can see how great the attraction from Iron Man, Thor, Hulk or Black Widow is. It is Avengers Assemble (Marvel’s Avengers) PS4 that I want to mention.

I am extremely excited that the characters that have followed throughout my adulthood will appear together in a video game. And I also secretly admire the people on the Crystal Dynamics team (the creator of the series Tomb Raider was very successful before if you didn’t know) for daring to take the challenge.

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth – a game that has also exploited the theme of Marvel’s superheroes – had to receive a very bitter ending when being judged as “just average and easy to cause.” forget”. With massive marketing tactics and a serious investment in a growing gaming technology platform, I hope Avengers Assemble (Marvel’s Avengers) PS4 will truly become something special.

I love the way Crystal Dynamics enriches the Marvel cinematic universe

Over 40 hours of playing time is enough for me to make such a comment. Avengers Assemble (Marvel’s Avengers) PS4 makes people reiterate, dig deeper, learn more about the content aspect.

A parallel universe with the original version opens. And you may note that the only thing Marvel’s Avengers has to do with the superhero movies we often see is that the game’s setting is built around Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain American, and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan).

The names above have all gained a certain number of fans. The only person we are quite unfamiliar with is Kamala, right? If you are willing to follow Marvel comics or series like Agents of SHIELD, you can recognize this character.

From being just a fangirl of the Avengers, she turned herself into the first Muslim character in the Marvel universe. And this is also the character that helps you open the story in Avengers Assemble (Marvel’s Avengers) PS4.

Believe me, you will enjoy the story of that game.

Players hoped a lot in Marvel's Avengers because Endgame's success
Players hoped a lot in Marvel’s Avengers because of Endgame’s success

A bit of something 50/50 when I think about the gameplay of Marvel’s Avengers

Through the officially released trailers, you can see that this is a linear action-adventure game. I will analyze each of the factors so that you can see this.

In terms of gameplay, you will see that Marvel’s Avengers has quite high perfection between the tactics and skills of each player. That means you will not need to attack frantically or constantly upgrade your equipment to be able to win.

The secret is to ensure timing as well as maximize the capabilities of each warrior. Besides, the basic moves like Heavy Melee Attack, to Light Melee Attack, X to Jump, or to Dodge, you will also need to press the right button at the right time to parry the opponent and counterattack.

Besides, players also have to keep track of the energy bar and cooldown of individual skills. What do we have? That is the fun you will need to discover for yourself.

But is a bit of a revelation that each character has strengths and weaknesses in combat, combined with individual attacks. For example, Ms. Marvel is quite balanced in both attack and defense. With outstanding team support skills, Hulk’s basic attacks are capable of attacking multiple enemies simultaneously. Thor can fly and always unleashes thunderous attacks on his enemies.

But to match the theme of a game from the popular superhero movie series, it needs more than that. And that’s when the problems arose.

Avengers Assemble (Marvel’s Avengers) is divided into two distinct phases. But between them, there is interaction and support to create a connection for the storyline. We’ll have a Campaign mode and a multiplayer mode called Avengers Initiative.

Marvel's Avenger has so many heroes
Marvel’s Avenger has so many heroes

The trigger of interest is not far away

In Campaign mode, you will start with Ms. Marvel to open up other characters like Iron Man or Captain. The characters will have their skill trees with many skill branches so you can upgrade for your battles.

You will fight with all you have

I have a feeling each character will open up a separate chapter for the entire campaign. And missions are designed with icons to highlight each character. Therefore, when fighting, you will be extremely satisfied by maximizing the power of each Avenger. Besides, the combination of additional dialogue reduces the pressure of having to fight continuously. Coming with that, it allows players to learn more about the individual characters of the characters.

Campaign mode ends, and that’s when a real campaign begins. It’s true because it feels like the single-player part is just like a few warm-ups for the player to warm up their hands and brain. In Avengers Initiative mode, players will share difficulties with their friends when each person will control a character.

The ability of warriors will be promoted at the same time and that is when the players must coordinate smoothly. Iron Man can take advantage of his long-range attack ability to eliminate snipers. Hulk just causes chaos to attract the enemy’s attention to himself and changes his teammates to “absorb” damage from them while Black Widow or Ms. Marvel can fight flexibly.

Still, there is entertainment

However, that only excites me in the first few passages when everything is fresh and funny. You will be thrown into a mess of quests including faction quests, Drop Zones, Iconic Missions, Villain Sectors, and dull quest requirements. Additionally, these quests are also unfairly constructed between characters. While Thor is favored, the duties of Iron Man and Ms.

Marvel is quite boring around the requirement to destroy a specific number of certain types of enemies. But that’s still not as bad as there will be similar things popping up all the time.

The game-makers are constantly reusing environments. That makes me wonder if the mode was made to prolong the experience. Would it focus on the increasingly challenging nature of repetitive missions?

Will Marvel's Avenger disappoint players?
Will Marvel’s Avenger disappoint players?

Closing Thought

If you’re a player focused solely on living with the Marvel universe and your favorite characters, Avengers Assemble (Marvel’s Avengers) is for you. If you put a lot of emphasis on calculating and digging into the gameplay of the product, you will be more or less disappointed in the experience. Above all else, Avengers Assemble (Marvel’s Avengers) offers an exciting immersive action experience and has a pretty cool approach to the subject of superheroes.

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