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Warner Bros Games and Turtle Rock Studios suddenly released a trailer for Back 4 Blood. This revealed the unique personalities of the main characters – The perfect pieces making up the Ridden-hunting gangs (called The Cleaners). The trailer introduces the 8 Cleaners controlled by the player, each player’s characteristics and abilities.

Also, the trailer shows a glimpse of the wide range of Ridden variants. All players will be hunting, including beastly Breakers, grotesque Ogres, screeching Snitchers, ravenous Hags, …

​Back 4 Blood is a Zombie bombshell. This co-op First-person game belongs to the creators of the Left 4 Dead franchise. It features thrilling gameplay, fast-paced moments, and customizable action. They tweaked to attract more returning players.

The story of Back 4 Blood took place after a virus outbreak that left most humans either killed or parasitically inhabited by the Devil Dorm bacteria. A group of survivors (The Cleaners) gathered together to “clean up” the terror (Ridden) and take back the world. Let’s take a look at the Back 4 Blood Cleaners with GameHub.


After losing her family to the Devil Worm, Holly Forrester focused all of her energy on trying to become a Cleaner and become known.  She is like a glue keeping the team together. Holly owns a spiked baseball bat that she affectionately calls “Dottie”. Holly’s tenacity and unyielding attitude lifted the team’s morale. She was like a ray of light in the darkness of the apocalypse to everyone.​​


The eldest in a family of 5, Elijah Walker lives in Evansburgh, Canada, and works hourly to make ends meet. Walker is an ex-soldier wearing the defects left by the war after years of fighting on the front lines. He is a man of few words, but every time he speaks, everyone has to listen because the Cleaners respect him very much.​


Doc made an important contribution to keeping Fort Hope running but this is still far from the life she wanted. When she first set foot in America, genuinely independent, Doc sacrificed her social life for her doctor career, it wasn’t until many years later that Doc finally found a loving heart in Mom.​​​


When living in the suburbs of Fort Hope since the virus-spreading incident – Collapse, Karlee can only trust herself. No one knows much about her and what she minds. Although initially Karlee seemed a troublesome and bad villain, her subsequent actions prove which side she is on. In the face of Ridden’s relentless rise, Karlee chose to fight alongside the survivors.​​

Characters in Back 4 Blood
Characters in Back 4 Blood


No one knows Finleyville and the surrounding counties like Jim. From an early age, Jim used to go out into the countryside with his father, hunting and trapping with the best. After a stint in the military, Jim returned home and all that remains is ashes from the devastation of the Collapse incident. Jim later found his place in the line of Cleaners.​​


He is a meticulous, enthusiastic plot-maker. After the infection happened, Hoffman and his mother went into hiding to overcome the zombie storm sweeping everywhere. But when his mother died in his sleep and with his supplies running low, Hoffman decided to leave his hiding place to face the Devil Worm world. Howard Robert Hoffman is truly a skilled person with an enthusiastic heart who is a helpful member of the team. After his mother’s death, the Cleaners became his family.​​​


Evangelo is the youngest and inexperienced man in the Cleaner. Instead, he has the ability to learn very quickly. Besides being good at fighting, Evangelio also established himself as a most loyal and trustworthy member. He talks a lot, especially when he’s nervous.​​


The only person to be surprised that Mom became the voice of Finleyville survivors was herself. Mom never shies away from a challenge and always puts others before herself. However, for someone unaccustomed to power, the new responsibilities sometimes weighed uncomfortably on her shoulders.

Despite always trusting her Cleaners, Mom has repeatedly questioned the leadership style of others, especially after her son’s death. Mom’s goal is simple: to make Ridden pay.​

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