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Just a few days ago, a Youtuber has found a trick, which allows gamers playing Battlefield 2042 has a new way to level up their guns and unlock every accessory after Portal XP nerf.

If you are going to try some new weapons in Battlefield 2042, then upgrading them first will help. After all, if the best equipment is not unlocked, most guns are not very good.

Our previous fastest way to upgrade weapons in the Battlefield 2042 method is now obsolete because EA has made a lot of weakening of Portal’s XP mode. But now you can’t easily kill by breeding portal robots, so what is the fastest way to upgrade your Battlefield 2042 guns?


Battlefield 2042 is supposed to be a Battle Royale by some fans 

The fastest way to upgrade weapons in Battlefield 2042 without PortalEA DICE
It is worth noting that the second major update of “Battlefield 2042” makes more guns feasible in the current version. Therefore, when choosing weapons, you are no longer limited to using the best guns in Battlefield 2042.

Here’s how to quickly upgrade and unlock all the attachments of each gun in Battlefield 2042!

Battlefield 2042: Easiest way to level up Guns & Unlock Attachments After Portal XP Nerf
Try it for fasting level up your Guns

The easiest trick to Level Up Battlefield 2042 weapons without using Portal

Since the portal mode is impossible, there is a new and fastest way to upgrade your Battlefield 2042 guns.

Sadly, the Battlefield Portal no longer provides us with XP for robot farming. And because of these changes, it seems that the portal mode has died out in Battlefield 2042!

But there is another mode that allows you to easily obtain AI experience points, and that is Solo All-Out Warfare. This is the fastest way to upgrade guns and unlock all accessories in Battlefield 2042:

  • Enter the total war and choose Solo. You may also want to make sure that you are running Battlefield 2042 with the best performance and FPS settings.
  • You need to load Breakthrough on Kaleidoscope and set the AI ​​soldier to the beginner level.
  • Browse the map as usual and choose Angel as your expert for loading crates and ammunition options.
  • Also, bring an insertion beacon and reach the final goal on the roof of the kaleidoscope skyscraper.
  • Fly the plane or helicopter to the north side of the capture point and drop your insert beacon to respawn easily.
  • Now, lying behind the big metal pipe, you will be protected from the AI ​​fire.
  • Here, you can tear through the enemy’s reinforcements with the gun of your choice and upgrade at incredible speed.
  • Be careful to allow enemies to respawn regularly to keep the game going, otherwise, you will start accepting this prematurely.

    Enjoy the fun of getting free kills and quickly upgrading Battlefield 2042 guns!

    But according to the player, you will not be able to show off your strength in the dangerous zone of Battlefield 2042, because the mode is dead. Since Portal’s performance is not much better, it takes an all-out war to keep the game going.

    Now that we have found a fix for the hit registration problem in Battlefield 2042, the title will definitely be better.


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