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What is Battlefield 2042 release? Battlefield 2042’s first, long-delayed season of content officially launched on Thursday, June 9. It’s time to discover more!

Battlefield 2042 has a debut battle pass, a new specialist, a new map, the arrival of stealth helicopters. It was announced by the developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts on Tuesday. 

More about battlefield 2042

A new gameplay trailer for the military shooter and the season 1 “Zero Hour” battle pass is coming to Battlefield 2042 fans next month.

The game’s new Specialist, Ewelina Lis, joins the Battlefield 2042 character armed with a rocket launcher. She’s a vehicle killer expert. Also, she can launch player-guided projectiles to take down tanks and helicopters.

Also, Ewelina Lis is equipped with the Armor Hunter trait, giving her invaluable intel on damaged vehicles.

Ewelina Lis is with the Armor Hunter trait.

In fighting, players will also choose new weapons, like the Ghostmaker R10 crossbow. It packs a punch with its explosive rounds, and the BSV-M Marksman Rifle, good at range and in close quarters. 

In addition, a smoke grenade launcher is available in Battlefield 2042’s first season. A gadget firing a projectile with a smoke wall can provide visual cover.

New updates on battlefield release date

First of all, Players will have a new battlefield to fight via adding the map Exposure. The new map is set in the Canadian Rockies. It offers vertical terrain for dramatic aerial dogfights and surface-to-air combat options. 

The new map is on the Canadian Rockies.

The exposure supports up to 64 players in Breakthrough mode, and up to 128 players in Conquest on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

Then, Season 1 “Zero Hour” will offer a 12-week battle pass to Battlefield 2042, with both free and premium content tiers. 

The free tier will offer new weapons, vehicles, and cosmetics. 


The first leaked image of Battlefield 2042’s map named Exposure

The premium tier (100 Battlefield Coins, or $10) unlocks cosmetic items like skins, player cards, weapon charms, and takedown animations. 

DICE and EA confirm the premium tier of Battlefield 2042’s season pass will not affect gameplay.

Besides, Battlefield 2042’s first season appears alongside gameplay shake ups for DICE’s game. Recently, the game’s developers have removed the 128-player version of Breakthrough, leaving the large-scale multiplayer battles for which the series to Conquest mode. 

The exposure supports up to 64 players in Breakthrough mode.

In addition, DICE is rolling out major map reworks, adding cover and reducing player count sizes, and “winding down” of one of the game’s major modes.


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Finally, Battlefield 2042 with the new update is worth playing. Are you playing it or not? Are you ready to share your idea of this game with us?

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