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With the next Battlefield confirmed, we know a lot of gamers are interested in EA’s plans. Good news for you! Battlefield 6 will be one of the newest battlefield games to play.

EA’s confirmed a new Battlefield game though some important details are lost. Fortunately, Battlefield 6 launch is just days away so we should be clear soon.

Battlefield 6 Release

Luckily, we finally confirm an official Battlefield 6 launch date.

CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the company’s plans to announce the new Battlefield game in the spring of this year. Fortunately, everything is going well.

Thus, the first Battlefield 6 trailer will be available on June 9th ahead of EA’s summer launch event. 

According to EA, the Battlefield 6 release date is as planned for the 2021 holiday season. If everything goes well, it can arrive sometime before Christmas.

So unless EA and DICE are forced to postpone the release, you can expect the Battlefield 6 release date to be in either October or November 2021.

Battlefield 6 Consoles

The next version of new Battlefield will be on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Windows PC. 

Battlefield 6 release date to be in either October or November 2021.

According to EA, the game will be launched on the PS4 and Xbox One although all platforms will likely get a scaled-down version of the game.

Why Battlefield 6 Name?

If you are curious about the name Battlefield, that doesn’t mean it’s the official name. In fact, according to leaker Tom Henderson, EA just calls it Battlefield.

So while Battlefield 6 is serving as the game’s placeholder name, it probably won’t be the official name.


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Battlefield 6 Setting

It rumors indicate the game could be based on warfare at present or the near future. 

If true, it would be the first Battlefield game with this type of setting since Battlefield 4 back in 2013.

Battlefield 6 will be a soft reboot of the series and that it will borrow the ideas from Battlefield 3 released back in 2011.

Battlefield 6 release date to be in either October or November 2021.

The game will occur 10 years from now which gives the developers a chance to apply weapons and vehicles in military development today.

Of course, there’s also a chance these coordinates have nothing to do with the game. You can learn more in the video below.

EA says the next Battlefield game will return to all-out military warfare though it didn’t give any details of the settings.

Fans of the series have been longing for a departure from old school warfare and it looks like they might get their wish in the next update.

Battlefield 6 Features

EA is planning to leverage the power of the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. This means we can see upgraded graphics and performance.

The company also stated that the next edition of Battlefield “takes all the destruction, player agency, vehicle and weapon fights that the franchise is known for and levels up.”

EA’s Andrew Wilson has stated that DICE is making the next Battlefield game with “never before seen scale.” Rumors have hinted at 128 player battles.

More destruction technology in new version

The new game will be designed with new destruction technology. Each building in the game can be destroyed in some volume.

Battlefield will mostly play like other games in the series with classes. DICE is also reportedly testing a new feature named “Platoons”, allowing multiple squads to coordinate with each other.

Henderson believes there is a free-to-play mode though it’s unclear if that mode is Battle Royale or something else entirely.


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