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The Steam platform has published a list of the best-selling games in its store. But without any cost, which is the best game you can get? If you are still wondering between the thousands of free Steam games to play with your friends, perhaps this article will give you the answer.

There is a list of the best free multiplayer games on Steam. One more thing, this list is kept free from the Battle Royale, MOBA,… since most of them now are free anyway. I just highlight some of the underrated or even unknown games that I think should be played or at least tried.

The best free multiplayer games on Steam

Ironsight – Free FPS multiplayer with impressive graphic 

Starting this list is Ironsight, an online FPS game. This game came to Steam in Jun 2019. Ironsight is set in the world in the near future in 2025. Gamers are caught up in a global war between PDS and CTU. The game was developed by Wiple Games. The developer designed Ironsight with their own toolkit called IronEngine. So, it provides an impressive graphic.

Free on Steam with impressive graphic, Ironsight has great gameplay - Best free multiplayer games on Steam 2021 you must have a go
Free on Steam with impressive graphic, Ironsight has great gameplay

In IronSight, players will be using a variety of modern weapons in the future of 2025. You can see some high-tech equipment such as aircraft, heavy guns, and fully armed robots.

With terrible destructive power, the battle will contain amazing fire-explosion effects. The battlefield in the game is also very wide. So, players have to take a lot of time to get used to everything.

And this game feels really similar to Call Of Duty with the exception of dying faster. If you want a Call Of Duty multiplayer experience without having to pay 40 to 60 dollars on the game, Ironsight is definitely a solid option. That is the reason Ironsight is one of the best free multiplayer games on Steam.

Brawlhalla – 2D fighting game, free to play  

Brawlhalla is officially released for free in October 2017. This game has received the attention of a large number of gamers around the world.

Brawlhalla’s gameplay is very simple to understand, but also extremely difficult to control. Players are thrown into a fight between 2 factions.

In 3 minutes, whichever team kills the opponent more will win. In addition, players can also use the console to play games easier. The features in Brawlhalla introduced include: Online Ranked 1v1, 2v2, 4 Player Online Free for All, and Cross-play Custom Rooms with many fun party game modes.

Brawlhalla has an album of popular cartoon character
Brawlhalla has an album of popular cartoon character

Brawlhalla has a ton of characters with all kinds of upgrades. And the developer seems to be constantly making cool crossovers with other games movies and TV shows.

In the game, character classes can use a variety of weapons, depending on the player’s style. The graphics in Brawlhalla has 2D platform gameplay. So, the characters look cuter and cuter.

The game has also a huge community with pro players and it’s really its own thing. So this game is definitely worth trying out.

POLYGON: Multiplayer Shooter  

Now, moving on to the new name of Steam free games this week: POLYGON. With 70% of reviews being positive on SteamDB rating, this is one of the best free multiplayer games on Steam. POLYGON is a 1st and 3rd person shooter game. If you can imagine a low poly version of the battlefield with fewer maps and no vehicles, then, this game is. That isn’t a bad thing and this game is a lot of fun.

Polygon has a harmony graphic
Polygon has a harmony graphic

In POLYGON, you have to use various weapons to battle on large-scale maps. With the participation of 16 players on each side, the battle looks so upside-down but funny. Join POLYGON to show your skills and lead your team to victory!

This game sometimes has bugs and sometimes the hitboxes can be a little off. But overall the game is really worth checking out. And if you can get a couple of friends to play with you, it’s even more fun.

Deceit – Trust and Deception game free

With its unique gameplay, Deceit has attracted a lot of attention from the gamer community. Just own a Steam account, you can enjoy this game without any cost.

As we both know, Deceit is a first-person shooter game produced by Automaton. The publisher probably wants to bring this game to all kinds of players.

In Deceit, you are not a superhero. Instead, you are always anxious to preserve your life.

Deceit is a free horror-survival game worthy to play
Deceit is a free horror-survival game worthy to play

The premise of the game is that one or two players in your group are infected. They have to drink blood around the map to fuel up in order to transform into the monster.

When the power goes out, the other players can spot you drinking the blood and down you, which leads to everyone having to vote to end you or not.

The goal of the non-infected is to move through the map and escape and also find out who the infected are and vote them out.

With the requirement of minimum players at 6, Deceit is perfect for groups of friends to play. And it’s well worth voting Deceit to be the best free multiplayer game on Steam.

SCP: Secret Laboratory – Hornor game with much funny moment on Steam

SCP: Secret Laboratory is inspired by the “Special Containment Procedures” universe. The game’s setting is at Site 02, a specialized containment facility for SCPs for research purposes.

One day, Site 02 encountered a technical problem causing the SCPs to escape. Prisoners (SCP research objects) and Scientists on Site 02 must be evacuated.

During the evacuation, the Facility Guard (Site 02 Guard), Nine-Tailed Fox / Mobile Task Force (NTF/MTF in short), and Chaos Insurgency (rebels from criminal gangs of prisoners) will be involved.

After “containment breached”, everything in Site 02 is divided into three factions:

SCP: Secret Laboratory set you in danger location - Best free multiplayer games on Steam 2021 you must have a go
SCP: Secret Laboratory set you in danger location
  • Class D: Consists of D-class Personnel and Chaos Insurgency (responsible for freeing D-class from Site 02)
  • MTF: the Scientists, the Facility Guard and the NTF/MTF.
  • SCP: Contains playable SCPs (SCP-049, SCP-079, SCP-096, SCP-106, SCP-173, and SCP-939)

You will play as one of them. If you spawn in as a D-class or Scientist, your goal is to escape the facility. And if you’re a Security guard, your goal is to detain the D-class and help the Scientists to escape. But if you spawn in as SCP, your goal is to basically kill everyone.

  • SCP: Secret Laboratory has a bit of a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, this game is so much fun. If you get some friends to join you on a big server, you’re gonna find yourself not wanting to log off the game. Not even mentioning how interesting the lore that the game is placed in.

Final line

There are 5 top picks of Steam free games this week. You only need a Steam account and download them without thinking of any cost. Do not miss relaxing moments with friends.

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