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A year from the first official trailer, gamers are reunited with Black Myth: Wukong in Black Mythology. Besides that, we do have some answers about the project from developers.

As rumored yesterday, the developer of Game Science has officially released a new trailer for Black Myth: Wukong. The game is being developed with Unreal Engine 5. Which promises to be filled with enchanting images and realistic physics effects. Please watch the new footage of Sun Wuxian, and partly look at the dark world of this “not for children” version:

On the heishenhua.com homepage, the game developer also tells us a few things about the world context as well as the journey of making games that have lasted more than half a decade.

Black Myth: Wukong come back with new trailer

Six years ago, by chance on April Fools’ Day, we made a determination to develop a AAA game. Six years before this time, we had sat down to debate sun Wuxian’s nowhere after becoming a Buddha,” the autobiography on the home page of the Game of Black Mythology said.

This will be an action-adventure game set in the famous Western Travel novel series. But as Game Science points out, it is also the affirmation of countless scholars in history: the story of Gnosticism is not just about monkeys. My monkey is the leading character of the storyline, but only a small part of the vast mythological world.

Developers Q&A

Q: Why announce the game when the product is still in the early stages of development?

A: We hope many other experts will join hands to create this world.

Q: How will you sell the game?

A: The game will be packed into a large version, with future viable DLC, and for players to buy in-game items. However, we promise not to sell items that allow the character to be stronger.

Q: What platform will the game be on?

A: PCs and other large consoles. We take into account cloud gaming platforms that can operate games smoothly.

Q: When can I play the game?

A: The game will only come out when we, as gamers, are satisfied with it. We’ll be considering many other cost factors, as we’re still working on a black mythological series.

Q: How long is the break-up time? Is there another character, there is an online mode?

A: We’re keeping the answer to ourselves. But Yocar, the lead producer, loves the action game with its engaging storyline, exciting gameplay experience, and co-op support with teammates.

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