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With Call of Duty Vanguard, once again this series goes against the criteria given. CoD has always said that each new game will bring a whole new and distinct feeling to the player. With an emphasis on how the characters move, the weapons they use, and the large-scale campaign modes in each battle. Call of Duty Vanguard also sticks to these criteria.

But at the same time is inconsistent in focusing on which criteria are more than any. Making multiplayer mode feel “unbalanced”. Despite stumbling a few seats during construction. Vanguard still contributed to raising the Call of Duty brand compared to its previous parts.

The story based on World War II 

Vanguard will return to the context of World War II but choose the direction of fantasy and exaggerate the true history of the battles. You will play as four veteran soldiers who team up to form the first Special Forces force in history. This plot sounds like Call of Duty blends with the action blockbuster The Expendables. With an action plot from start to finish and the main characters are almost invincible.

Also quite suitable for a game that allows you to single-handedly sweep hundreds of enemies on each level. The plot follows each of the characters’ flashbacks, eventually leading them to team up to hijack a train and destroy a Nazi base.

Call of Duty Vanguard - Game Review
Vanguard once again based on World War II

You can quickly realize vanguard spends a lot of time on the plot of the main characters, a direction that this series is following despite the difficulties in implementing. And also something that helps bring more fun to the plot of the game. You will be involved in battles large and small that take place throughout the battle and follow each team figure until they meet and form this Special Forces team.

Many characters but not much prominent 

The factor just mention that makes it difficult to build the game because it goes against the name Call of Duty. The name associated with the action and almost does not go into the past, the plot of any character.

The campaign part of the game is built around introducing each character through separate levels, taking you to countless different battlefields during World War II with the aim of bringing a variety of experiences. Vanguard wants players to feel like each character is a separate individual with their own skills. But not all parts of the idea succeed in being included in the game.

Call of Duty Vanguard - Game Review
4 main characters in Vangurad

The most prominent figure is Polina, a Russian female sniper from the Battle of Stalingrad. Polina moves faster than other characters, is very effective in stealthy, climbing missions. And of course, that’s the main element of most of her levels: stealth. Her skill is to use the light reflected on her knife to lure snipers into firing, exposing their positions so that players quickly find and shoot them down. This skill is only useful when dealing with snipers, so it is impossible to really call it a skill.


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Other missions are less characteristic, such as Lucas, an explosives expert. Who fights on the North African front, with missions similar to that of Paratroopers Arthur or American pilot Wade Jackson.

Lucas’ skill is to be able to carry a variety of grenades and explosives, which is useful for… Throw grenades and explosives. Even with many characters, missions, battlefields, the campaign part still does not really make you feel the difference, uniqueness of each mission, location in the game.

Multiplayer mode is worth the wait

The Multiplayer section is done better, the maps are now filled with structures, walls, barriers,… Which you can destroy with bullets, explosives, and tanks, help create the true chaos of a battle and force the player to always be careful when looking for cover, as the enemy can shoot through that hiding place with a bazooka, grenade or drive a tank over.

Call of Duty Vanguard - Game Review
Multiplayer mode

The menu interface of the Multiplayer section has been changed to improve your experience, and the competitive menu will now let you filter the genre of play you want to find teams instead of jumping into any open games the game finds. Patrol Mode is the highlight of multiplayer, forcing you to constantly move and be creative in tactics to be able to ambush the enemy team.

Champion Hill mode is a blend of Modern Warfare Gun Game and Warzone. Champion Hill will split the team from 1 to 3 people, each team will have a certain number of “networks” and every time a member of the team defeats the member of the other team.

They will receive a unit of money from this game mode, then use the money received to buy perks, weapons, armor, and upgrades to help you and the team gain an advantage over the opponent. And good teamwork will contribute to quickly lead you to victory.

Champion Hill

The Gunsmith mode in Vanguard gives players more choice in customizing their favorite gun without forcing you to use the right weapon just because they have a better stat just to win over the opposing team.

The weapons that you unlock when leveling up in multiplayer will unlock all game modes so there is no reason not to try all the types of games that Multiplayer brings you and minimize the hard work of “ploughing”.

Closing thought

One thing to know about Call of Duty is that, with each game. If you’re a longtime fan, you already know what to expect: Action, beautiful graphics, a multitude of guns from practical to unrealistic. Vanguard is no exception. That’s both a positive and a negative for Vanguard.

However, the new elements in Vanguard are not bad changes for the CoD series, but not all new elements blend into the foundation of the game, and trying to put these elements together will cause both single-player and multiplayer to lose their strengths.


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