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City of Brass is a roguelike action-adventure game brought to the Nintendo Switch by the team of former BioShock developers. 

Your goal is to explore the cursed city while collecting as many different treasures as possible scattered all over the place.

There are a total of 15 levels, each with its own unique objective.

 If you beat a level, your health will remain the same as when you completed the previous level. The only way to recover it is to find gin that sells health. And even if it only gives you hearts.

For example, some only require you to travel from point A to point B, while others require you to kill all enemies in the area to progress. 

This variant is a nice change of pace from the roguelike formula, and allows for unique experiences – like launching an arena where waves of enemies strike.

It is similar to first-person role-playing games like Skyrim

City of Brass gameplay 

In City of Brass, you must reach the city center inspired by Arabian Nights when hordes of skeletons stand in your way and hundreds of traps await to tear you in two.

The gameplay of City of Brass is similar to first-person role-playing games like Skyrim, with your character holding a whip in his left hand and a sword in his right. 

The equivalent controls for these weapons are the ZL and ZR triggers, respectively, which are easy to remember and use.

While the scythe is simply an offensive weapon, the whip is remarkable for its versatility.

In addition to physical attacks, it allows you to swing your hanging hook to avoid encounters. It can be used to electrocute enemies by hitting them from a distance.

City of Brass is full of traps!

Steam City of Brass review

Many traps – such as arrows popping from walls and spikes sticking out of the ground – are scattered throughout the game, requiring significant skill to recognize and avoid, testing your patience and nerves. 

The ability to jump is essential to navigating and avoiding these pitfalls.

And if at some point you don’t fully master the controls, this tutorial in the game gives you plenty of opportunity to practice and adapt.

Graphics and sounds

Whether you’re playing from a docking device or a handheld computer, City of Brass runs smoothly with no noticeable FPS drop. 

Each level of the game is accompanied by a different Arabic soundtrack, giving players an authentic feel to the game setting. 

Visually, the game offers a beautiful and mysterious world full of treasures, challenges and various level designs.

As someone who consistently finds roguelike games a bit too difficult. I’m surprised that City of Brass’ difficulty doesn’t take anything away from it.


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About Uppercut Games

Steam City of Brass review

Uppercut Games is a game development studio in Australia.

Founded in 2011, Uppercut Games specializes in PC games and console games.

Closing thoughts

Indeed, City of Brass is too hard!

You may have trouble beating this tough roguelike. But please don’t deny it’s well-made with dynamic whip combat and lots of varieties.

Just try the game by yourself and share with us your thoughts about it 😉


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