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Dead Trigger 2 on PC is a popular first-person shooter game on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS platforms. One of the reasons that this game is so successful is due to the visual elements and gameplay quality of Dead Trigger 2 at its release time. If you still remember this game and want to play Dead Trigger 2 on PC, then this is the article for you.

Everything you need to know

Humans are being mutated by a deadly virus that is spreading across the world, posing a threat to our extinct species. Survivors of the plague have now entered the Global Resistance and must use their own ability to battle this lethal, relentless epidemic. In this tragic first-person shooter, it’s time to rise up and fight for your life in the zombie apocalypse!

Choose from a frantic arsenal of sniper guns to fight the walking devil attack in terrifying settings all over the world! Take part in a variety of events, such as Tale, Global Quests, and Side Quests.

The Dead Trigger 2 locations

This game will give you a tour around the world as the zombie apocalypse spreads further and the sooner you try to fight, the more you will be on the front lines. You set goals based on missions, but the core gameplay still blasts zombies in a relatively small environment. The levels will be very difficult and there are new types of zombies in the game with different attributes. Combined with other missions, new zombie bosses, and gameplay variations, Dead Trigger 2 definitely delivers more than the original.

The first thing you will notice when you start playing is that instead of shooting by pressing a button on the screen, you will now use your mouse to click, the auto-fire action will be the default setting. Here’s a good point: it allows you to focus on navigating to attack zombies at all times.

As you actually play, you have a variety of different gaming options: from navigating an area and finding objects to defending a location or a survivor, from quests Sniper shootings to helicopter slaughter, and from arena-based survival modes to additional cash injection to destroy tough missions.

Dead Trigger 2 blends between genres to make the game interesting. You have to identify weapons and earn cash. Without both, you’ll need to purchase in-game gold to be equipped with. You don’t need to recharge to play though – the game will stay normal – but it will take you a lot of time to choose to buy powerful weapons and accumulate enough gold to improve your weapons more fruitfully.

Boss in Dead Trigger 2
Boss in Dead Trigger 2

Gameplay still has the same Dead Trigger

The first thing to note about DEAD TRIGGER 2 is that it is still very similar to the original Dead Trigger. There are some notable changes but in gereral, it’s still an endless monster-destroying shooting game. So if you’re a fan of the first season, you’ll love the DT2 but if you’re looking for a big difference, you’ll be disappointed. When you first install the game, you’ll get some collage scenes that take you into the standard zombie apocalypse storyline and you can then take part in this cool game from

Note that Dead Trigger 2 is an online game and requires an internet connection to play. Even the single-player mode must have an internet connection. A new sub-campaign mechanism requires you to help in a global effort to reclaim a city from zombies. A particular city will have a huge zombie population, and players around the world will contribute to the reclamation efforts by performing quests in that city to kill zombies.

Once the city is unlocked, all contributing players will receive a reward, like an item or a plan for a new gun. So definitely a good way to help players feel like they’re part of a larger zombie-killing effort without actually incorporating a real multiplayer component.

Some dangers zombies
Some dangers zombies

Weapons are the most important thing

The problem of this game is similar to Dead Trigger 1. To have better weapons, you need to plow quests or recharge. Here are the steps you need to take to get a new weapon:

  • Reach a level of weapon unlocking technology. To do this, you need to upgrade scientists in your HQ. Upgrading takes time and money.
  • Once the weapon is unlocked, then you need to get all the blueprints needed to craft it. The blueprints are dropped randomly by host zombies, and while a melee weapon may require only two pieces, larger guns will require 4 or more.
  • Once you get all the blueprints, then you need to upgrade your gunman to the level needed to build it. It takes time and money.
  • Once your gun is ready and able to upgrade, and it requires a lot of time and money.
You can kill zombies by melee attack
You can kill zombies by melees attack

How to play Dead Trigger 2 on Windows 7, 8, 10

Make sure you have a PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10, and an internet connection. The game with work well if you’re using an Intel CPU Core i5 with 8GB Ram and Graphic Card GTX – 1060 6GB. Then go to LDPlayer to download Dead Trigger for PC.


Hope you enjoy Dead Trigger 2 on PC, if you have any questions for us, please comment below.

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