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Deathloop, although simpler than Prey and Dishonored, is still a very complex game. For that reason, the Arkane Lyon team made a very meticulous tutorial,  Let’s go with 4FREEGAME to review Deathloop game.

The game begins with our main character – Colt Vahn, being stabbed to death by a girl dressed too luxuriously to be such a cold-blooded assassin. She ruthlessly killed Colt and BOOM – Colt suddenly woke up on the beach.

Here, Arkane Lyon takes players through a tutorial that the writer considers the best for an AAA game in recent years.

All the complex mechanics of the game such as climbing, character upgrading, versatile Hackamajig, weapons, infusion, power… are presented in a very meticulous way to the player.

Not only that, the dialogue between the chic assassin girl named Julianna and our friend Colt is also very funny and full of grace throughout the opening and instructions.

Each mechanism of the game is spread before the player’s eyes, skillfully integrating the plot context in a natural, fluent, and extremely crazy way with Colts from… another timeline coming to advise our Colt. Then violently taken down by Julianna… The first 2 hours of Deathloop were riveting, crazy, and downright… climax!

Crazy and dumb story

As Colt Vahn, the player along with Julianna and all the Blackreef residents are trapped in a seemingly endless time loop!

If you die, you’ll wake up right on that beach! If you survive the night, you’ll wake up on that beach too! Just in the morning, everything will start all over again. Including the memories of most of the inhabitants of Blackreef, except for Colt, Julianna, and a few other interesting characters. If you’re a fan of movies like Groundhog Day or Palm Spring, you’re probably familiar with this motif or theme!

And our friend Colt, even though he doesn’t remember anything, now has a mission – to take down all 8 so-called Visionaries. Those behind the mysterious power make the island an existential nightmare for Colt and Julianna.

Deathloop - Game Review
If you dead, you will start the cycle again

Blackreef Island is divided into four locations, Karl’s Bay, Updaam, The Complex, and Fristad Rock, and a day of the time loop will be divided into 4 periods: early morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. When the player goes out to explore one of the four locations mentioned above, time will move forward, and everything will start again after the evening – The player will end the time loop, as well as the game if they defeat all 8 Visionaries in a single time loop.

Between each outing, questing, and returning. Colt will have a break between the two timelines of the day so he can “infuse” with a resource called “residuum” that spawns scattered between the levels for the player to collect, and the other player. Players will be rewarded with a huge amount of Residuum if they defeat a Visionaries, keeping the equipment he collected during that expedition.


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Item crafting and Skills

Items that have been “infused” will appear in the player’s inventory in subsequent loops – that means, more you play. The players will find good weapons, genuine power to combine in the next loops, completing the task easier.

And this is evident in the way the gameplay of Deathloop is designed! Passive skills that work a bit like the Bone Charm in the Dishonored version will be scattered throughout the environment. As well as will, fortunately, fall from the enemy’s corpse. The search for these upgrades itself is not difficult at all because they will drop a lot, making it difficult for you to pick up!

Deathloop - Game Review
Shooting with your style

Active skills familiar to players of Dishonored or other Arkane games such as flash, stealth, wire catch, and toss enemies in the air will be collected when the player defeats a corresponding Visionaries. For example, Wenjie will drop the Nexus – tethered ability, Charlie will drop the Shift – speeding ability. And upgrades for these skills will randomly appear the next time you defeat these Visionaries.

Understanding how these skills work and combining them really makes Deathloop’s gameplay varied, smooth, and incredibly fun!

Gameplay blending many elements

Players can combine epic speed with double jumps, flash and bounce to turn Colt into a true whirlwind, tossing every enemy in his way in the craziest and funniest way possible, or a combination of flash, stealth, and “walk softly, speak softly” to glide through the entire game screen without anyone knowing, or balance between the two and “hidden, flashed”, but every time “showed up and out”. The enemy will simultaneously fall to the ground with the skill set Connecting – invisibility.


Deathloop - Game Review
Collecting item to updrade your weapon

In addition to the skills Colt has, he can also make the most of the environment to be able to work…. slaughtering those poor Eternalists is even more fun! Kick them off the cliff, lure them to the substation… Even though it’s not as crazy and explosive as Dishonored, the combination of these skills with Deathloop’s insane gun lineup makes it all the more fun!

From simple weapons like silenced pistols, shotguns, submachine guns… simple with different rarity and different skill sets, to crazy weapons like… a two-handed shotgun Arms can be… joined together to create a longer and more accurate version of a submachine gun. That can fire and reload at the same time, a shotgun that can… transform to fire a single bullet. with deadly range and accuracy!

Colorful environment

Every place on Blackreef Island has its own “theme” like Updaam is a place to live. Karl’s Bay is a place to hang out…. So the design of the environment of each location clearly shows that. And players who are observant or familiar with Arkane’s climax stage architecture will find their own way!

Deathloop - Game Review
Colorful environment in Deathloop

When you enter a multi-floor building, you will immediately think of finding the stairs! If you want to break into a closed science facility, you’ll find a ventilation hole or maintenance room. You find a transformer or power source, you know there’s some weird machine waiting for you ahead.

With Blackreef, players will use it to unlock, disable, or capture enemy machine gun turrets, sensors, and radios, preventing them from receiving reinforcements. And even though later on, Colt will be so “cool” that you can pass the level without using this Hackamajig. But fiddling with it for your own playstyle will also lead to a lot of fun interactions!

Closing thought

Deathloop guides players through the daily routines of the Visionaries in a fluid, natural way, encouraging players to be flexible and responsive to the environment so they don’t miss out. And once the data collected, Colt and the player will piece it together. Becoming an increasingly clear picture of the most logical path to take down all 8 Visionaries in a single day.

And even in the process of finding pieces and putting them together. Deathloop is very subtle in inserting the main story of Colt, Julianna, and Blackreef himself.

Sometimes players will feel that there are too many questions and too few answers. And they are even more motivated to find the answers to them!


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