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Assassin’s Creed has a unique beginning with a storyline inspired by a Hollywood movie. When it was first released, Assassin’s Creed was greatly appreciated by many players because the plot was the Assassin’s struggle for thousands of years to destroy the Knight Templar’s plans to dominate the world (Knight Templar).

By exploiting past events based on DNA retrieval, Ubisoft possesses great potential to explore Assassin’s Creed’s content. Still, the more they develop parts of the game, the more argumentative those parts are. They recently released Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, whose content is inspired by the Viking history of Northern Europe. So let’s find out why this game is so controversial in this article with 4freegame!

The characters over Assassin's Creed game series
The characters over Assassin’s Creed game series

The Viking, who are they?

Viking (in Old Norse language) is a phrase describing the work of a tribe in Northern Europe, such as scouting, trading, looting, fighting like a warrior (on both land and sea) to survive.  At first, the Viking were just a small group of people, but after that, rapid population growth leading to a lack of jobs and land spurred them to explore and become pirates. The benefits and early victories they won led them to organize larger robberies wherever they went. That resurgence is so strong that it made the phrase Viking become their name in the flow of history.

Their honor and great personal ego are the traits that make them consider fighting and dying on the battlefield to be an act of respect for the gods of Asgard. That action allows their souls to honorably reach the Valhalla Palace (this is where the gods gather for the battle of Ragnarok, according to legend). Odin is the patron goddess. He shields and watches their journey by controlling his crows as observers.

Viking concept fit for the warrior more than an assassin
Viking concept fit for the warrior more than an assassin

Despite being an aggressive tribe, the Viking possessed the ability to create very good weapons. Besides, their boat-building skill and directional determination skill are very respectable. Their boats are very light and fast. They can carry 5,000 people with just 200 boats to cross 150 knots at sea.  By using crows on their way across the ocean, they determined the direction of the land by seeing if these crows returned or not. Moreover, the Vikings also know how to use quartz to make light-gathering to determine the sun’s direction in the days when fog covers the sun. The Viking’s society considered the women’s role important because they had to take care of the whole family when their husbands went to war. In history, the Viking’s brutality was recorded when they wreaked havoc wherever they went, like Europe and Asia; moreover, they contributed to Europe’s feudalism.

For Viking image, Ubisoft should use that for an action game like God of War
For Viking image, Ubisoft should use that for an action game like God of War

The Viking were also famous for their brutal and somewhat cruel execution, called the Blood Eagle. In the beginning, the executioner will cut off the victim’s back until the ribs become visible; then, the executioner will break the bones to create a shape like an eagle’s wings. After that, he removes the victim’s organs. The last step is to apply salt to the wound to torture the victim until the victim’s breath stops.

What is there in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

When the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla trailer was first announced, there was a lot of controversy surrounding exploiting the history of a warlike tribe, who is willing to destroy, capture slaves, and become mercenaries like the Viking into the game has the theme of the killer. Many people think it is unreasonable for a simple reason that the Viking were known through the image of fighting and being ready to die on the battlefield, not stealthily destroying the enemy. Assassin’s Creed games have been heavily criticized lately for the studio’s going further and further from its original trajectory.

When looking at Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, players only see this game as a Viking-themed role-playing game. But instead of making an indie game, Ubisoft put the Assassin’s Creed tag on the game to tell a story that is not related to Assassins. The reason behind that thing is it’s Assassin’s Creed, so they have the right to use the same gameplay system, character movements, models, and so on into the game without spending too much effort and just sell it to everyone.

Instead of using axe for fighting, now they use it for assassination
Instead of using axe for fighting, now they use it for assassination

Rough models, combat movements, movement, movement animations …, it’s nothing more than an Assassin’s Creed game made in the early days. Compared to the games made today, AC Valhalla has nothing that can be considered a valuable development. However, Ubisoft’s game’s price is on par with other AAA games like God of War, The last of Us part 2, and so on, which take many years to develop.

The plot of the game is also a boring story. The repetitive castle attack missions on the kingdoms will make you no longer interested that you will probably be happier if you close the game, turn off your device instead of continuing the boring series of successes in the game. The Viking are famous for sea looting, so this is probably the best common ground Ubisoft can exploit to make their game good. However, this is not a feature that can revive an entire game for a lazy-created Ubisoft.

The most exciting part of recently Assassin's Creed games is fighting with these gods base on the place context of the game.
The most exciting part of recently Assassin’s Creed games is fighting with these gods base on the place context of the game.

The development of character skills seems to be almost a joke by Ubisoft. With three modes: Close-up, Assassination, and Long-range, players can create their characters according to the style they want to play the game. But disappointingly, it doesn’t work like that! By turning on the “Guaranteed Assassination” function, all of the Assassination skills will no longer work. And vice versa, if the player chooses to play in Assassination mode, the other two modes are not very effective. That really made  Assassin’s Creed’s loyal players disappointed.

In general, what makes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla valuable are probably the secrets hidden in the game’s main storyline. Perhaps many people like the appearance of Asgard in the game and are interested in fighting them on sidequests.


Despite its popularity and sales, Assassin’s Creed games today have made many loyal players feel distrustful. Instead of focusing on developing and improving the game parts, they choose to apply the previous game’s old formula, tweak a little, and release a sequel. With each new game released, Ubisoft receives more mixed opinions. Despite their positive sales, how long will the Assassin’s Creed’s very slow growth last before players lose faith in a popular game publisher?

Nowadays, the players’s demand for quality products such as God of War, Hitman, Ghost of Tsushima, and so on is huge. That means a game that applies a copy-paste design philosophy like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla won’t exist. Still, if it does, it’s the pre-collapse saturation in the eyes of those who have put their faith in Ubisoft.

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