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For anyone who plays Elden Ring PC and is confused by the game’s rather poor performance, the latest game fixes can relieve some of that frustration. 

Elden Ring PC patch

The version 1.02.2 fix didn’t solve many of the computer’s problems. 

However, the game was finally able to start using something more than just the graphics card it was using.

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In particular, the patch notes for Elden Ring’s most recent update guarantees that an “issue where the graphics card was not being used, resulting in slow performance,” was fixed. 

For a PC game, that is a really weird fix to see, particularly for something as prominent as the game. 

The present patch ought to likewise fix a portion of the game’s bugs, including one that caused the game to quit under specific circumstances while players were battling the Fire Giant.

Some changes for the game’s PS5 version

Elden Ring’s most recent fix likewise incorporated a few changes for the game’s PS5 version, in spite of the fact that they’re minor. 

In the wake of downloading the update on PS5, Elden Ring’s progression will save even when it didn’t end. 

That implies essentially suspending the game will probably make it be saved.

While the present fix implies that Elden Ring will utilize even more a PC’s design card, the game doesn’t appear to be utilizing all that it would be able to. 

Running on a PC outfitted with a RTX 3080 graphics card, Elden Ring at max settings made the GPU top at simply 32% utilization.


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Other patchS needed for Elden Ring PC 

Today’s patch is not likely to fix Elden Ring’s most serious issue on PC by the same token. 

The game actually stammers now and then, an issue that relates right to how the game gathers shaders. 

This issue will not last until FromSoftware releases another fix that objectives it at first hand.


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