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Steam is the largest game distribution service in the world. This platform provides users with the ability to install and automatically update games on many different computers.

Gamers are certainly no stranger to steam. Those who play games on Steam, they may own dozens or even hundreds of steam games. However, not everyone can be able to spend on overpriced games. We can still look for the other games that are either lower-priced or free.

Despite being free, the games below give players a great experience. Let’s take a look at some best free games on Steam 2020:

The best free single-player games on Steam for you

Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions has officially been released on Steam with Japanese manga style. This is a funny game with high-paced action gameplay.

With a third-person shooting mechanism, players can approach a colorful and vibrant battlefield. The game is set in Alpha city, where the biggest event in the world is going on: Super Mecha League. You will come to a match gathering countless robots and fantasy weapons from the future.

Super Mecha Champion has a Battle Royal single-play gameplay
Super Mecha Champion has a Battle Royal single-play gameplay

In Super Mecha Champions, players will become a warrior into a fierce battlefield. You need to quickly collect items to build yourself a powerful Mecha. Pilot your machine into the battle. Take advantage of great destructive firepower and unbreakable armor to fight and win.

The weapons in the game are extremely diverse of all high-tech kinds. Players have so many choices, such as Plasma cannon, missile chase, ranged gun, flamethrower, exploder bot launcher, etc… Super Mecha Champions’ battlefield is enormous. So, players have to deal with it quickly. For each specific situation, players need to decide to change suitable weapons.

One more reason to affirm Super Mecha Champions is one of the best games on steam is that the game has many one-of-a-kind game modes. You can show your skills in Duo battles mode, get more fun in the 10-player arena. Moreover, you may feel the madness in 100-player shootouts mode.

You may also be interested in the beautiful Japanese manga-style graphics of this game. As a free game, Super Mecha Champions brings us more great experiences than we think. Gamers can easily download these best free games on Steam 2020 and play without any charge.

Soul Dossier – New honor free game on steam

Released on March 29, Soul Dossier has received many positive reviews from players. With a realistic Chinese horror style, this is one of the best free single-player games on Steam that you cannot ignore at the moment. The game is inspired by the Chinese traditional culture with the five elements of gossip.

Soul Dossier will set you in a battle 5vs1
Soul Dossier will set you in a battle 5vs1

The story in Soul Dossier begins thousands of years ago when the world is on the edge of the abyss. Exorcists from all schools of Taoism assemble. They used the energy of the five elements and the eight trigrams in the universe to create a World Monument. To save the world, they have to seal the Supernaturals by Monument powers. Through millennia of peace, in the year 2020, the seal suddenly shattered, releasing Supernaturals. The darkness has spread around the world.

As a super-powerful agent, your mission is to find and defeat the forces who want to destroy the world, bring peace and balance to the world. Soul Dossier has a diverse character system. Each character has their skills and characteristics. You can choose yourself a character to suit your own style.

Guardian Chronicle – Great tower defender game 

In Guardian Chronicle, you will defend against waves of enemies by placing random Guardians on the battlefield. Each Guardian has its unique skills. Your mission is to deploy different strategies and tactics. Using your set of guardians to defeat your opponent and become the Victorian.

Guardian Chronicle, great free game on Steam
Guardian Chronicle, great free game on Steam


Guardian Chronicle brings gamers two funny modes to enjoy:

Competitive Mode

In the 1 on 1 Competition Mode, you have to compete with other players in a survival war. Battle against continuous waves of monsters. Expel monsters into your opponent’s battlefield by defeating them on your battlefield.

Co-op Mode

In Co-op Mode, you and your partner (another player) will fight together to defeat attacking waves of monsters. Defeat more monsters and survive longer to get a new record in the Co-op Mode!

Your Personal Deck and Various Tactics

In Guardian Chronicle, your deck will consist of 5 Guardians and 1 Master.

The Masters play an important role in battle. They possess powerful skills that affect the entire battlefield. Create different strategies and tactics by assembling Master and Guardian combinations.

Join Guardian Chronicles to win with your own strategic deck!

Astellia Royal – free MMORPG should try on Steam

Astellia Royal is an online MMORPG game. Players can summon creatures called Astels, bring them into the battles in the open world. Of course, you will have to collect these creatures as well as control them to fight your strategy.

In the game, there are 5 classes including Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Scholar, and Mage. The creatures summoned will depend a lot on which character classes are chosen and the player’s strategy. Astellia Royal allows players to play in a variety of modes including PvP and PvE.

Astellia first launched the main version in Korea. Now, with the English version on Steam, the game promises to reach more of the international gamers community. With the advantages of beautiful graphics, unique gameplay, and 100% free, Astellia Royal is definitely one of the best free single-player games on Steam.

Astellia Royal has same ideal with Personal
Astellia Royal has same ideal with Personal

Night In Riverager – best free honor game on steam

As a part of My Beautiful Paper Smile (the horror game series), Night In Riverager gives players the frames of the strange papercraft world from another perspective. This is a spine-chilling story and deeper in it is a darker truth.

Best free honor game on Steam you should try
Best free honor game on Steam you should try

As a mysterious hunter with a hood, you will live a mundane life in the secluded hamlet of Riverager. To find medicine for his ailing mother, the hunter has to venture into the King’s domain. There is a dangerous place protected by supernatural forces.

From here on, the journey is covered by creepy colors. According to the storyline, you will in turn uncover incredible mysteries. Not only that, but Night In Riverager connected to a part of the world of My Beautiful Paper Smile will also be revealed.

Considered the prequel to My Beautiful Paper Smile, Night in Riverager will give you an overview of this gloomy, creepy world with only 2 black/white colors.

Not any word to say about this story, this is really the best free single-player game on Steam.

That is the best free game on Steam 2020 with a large number of players. It is enough for you to satisfy your passion and relax. Enjoy without thinking of any cost.

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