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If you’re a fan of Far Cry 5 and want to play with ease and more fun, here are the best cheats.

The Far Cry series is considered one of the best and most famous IPs in gaming. Each game in the series delivers exactly what it promises. It contains an open-world design, a tight narrative, and pulse-pounding action gameplay. 

So, the latest game in the series is in a class of its own, giving the stellar qualities of Ubisoft at its peak.

When releasing Far Cry 6 on the horizon, all players are eager to revisit the franchise once again, with Far Cry 5 as a drop-off point.

If you want to have a good time in the game, the following cheats can help a lot.

Cheat 1: God Mode – Far Cry 5 Explosion

The first cheat for any player in a video game is God Mode. This allows them to tank through enemies and blast past challenges without caring in the world due to their invulnerability. Here are three ways to activate this cheat.

  • Edit the parameters of the hex code in the GameRules.lua file to reduce AI damage to zero.
  • Add the -DEVMODE command line parameter to the game – preferably through a shortcut of the game. Players can press the Backspace button to trigger God Mode.
  • Unlock God Mode – and by far the easiest one – is to simply use the ~ (tilde) button to open the console in-game and enter the command god_mode_count=1.
The first cheat for any player in a video game is God Mode.

Cheat 2: No Clip Mode

A legendary cheat code is in the land of gaming since time immemorial, No Clip Mode is a nifty little cheat. This allows players to pass through any solid objects, barriers, or impassable mesh.

The only way to toggle No Clip Mode is to enable Developer Mode in the game, a method described before. Thus, players need to press the F4 button to enable No Clip Mode.

Cheat 3: Get All The Weapons In The Game

This cheat allows the player access to every weapon in the game without any restrictions. There are two ways to activate it.

  • Get these weapons in the use of the reliable Developer Mode. Players need to press the letter P to fill up their arsenal completely.
  • Use the console command give_all_weapons=1 to achieve the same.
You can access to every weapon in the game without any restrictions.

Cheat 4: Max Out Ammunition Of Every Weapon

This allows players to go absolutely wild during a firefight. They can max out the ammunition of all their weapons. There are three ways to do that:

  • Open FCData folder and search Scripts\Entities\Weapons. This will allow the player to change the hex code of each weapon and increase their clip size.
  • Press the letter O to get 999 ammunition instantly.
  • Open the console with ~ (tilde) and enter the command give_all_ammo=1.


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Cheat 5: Gain Access To Any Level

If players want to play a specific level in Far Cry 5 without having to do the busy work involved in unlocking said weapon.

You can access any level in the game by doing the same by simply opening the console and writing the command /map, followed by the name of the level to access — like “archive”, “boat”, “bunker”, and “carrier”.

Cheat 6: Control Game Speed

You can use the Developer Mode to increase or decrease the speed in the game. It’s a cheat that is bound to have some weird and hilarious effects. After activating Developer Mode, you can press the following keys to control the game’s speed.

  • = (equals) increases the speed of the game.
  • – (dash) decreases the speed of the game.
  • F5: back to normal speed.

You can increase or decrease the speed in the game.

Cheat 7: Enable Quicksave And Quickload

Far Cry 5 autosaves at appropriate times in the game anyway — players who want full control over their saves in Far Cry 5 with 2 ways:

  • Unlock to enable Developer Mode. After that, players can use F9 to quick save and F10 to quickload at a moment’s notice.
  • Use console commands. Open the console with ~ (tilde) and use either \save_game or \load_game to perform the respective actions.

Cheat 8: Toggle First And Third-Person View

This is the coolest cheat in Far Cry 5. The players can go through the entire game in third-person.

The only way to cheat is through Developer Mode. After setting the command line parameter, then press F1 to let players switch between first and third-person mode with ease.


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With 8 cheats, you can play Far Cry 5 with ease and more fun. Don’t forget to leave your comment about Far Cry games.

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