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The 6p13 Auto Rococo Loco Pistol in The 6p13 Auto Rococo Loco Pistol in Far Cry 6 is a unique weapon sidearm with golden carvings that archived near the start of the game is a unique weapon sidearm with golden carvings that archived near the start of the game. Lococo Loco pistol can be unlocked by completing Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos operation on Los Bandidos Board. The specific operation is “Benito Bang Bang”. When the game begin, players only had Benito as the leader of Los Bandido. The players needed to use him to start this action.

Far Cry 6 - 6p13 Auto Rococo Loco Specs
Los Bandidos Board

Then players should note that the Los Bandidos Board cannot be accessed on the first island Isla Santuario. Players must leave the first island and head to any major base camp or guerrilla hiding place on the main map of Far Cry 6. Unlocking Camp Montero, Camp Maxímas or Patriotas Peak will give them access to the Los Bandidos board of directors and operations. The board of directors will be located next to the special operations handler Lola. Visiting it for the first time will open an available mission, which is always “Benito Bang Bang”.


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The 6p13 Auto Rococo Loco Specs In Far Cry 6

After accepting the “Benito Bang Bang” action, there will be a waiting timer. During this waiting period, players can complete story missions, freely explore and collect Far Cry 6 resources. So there is no timer available on the screen for Los Bandidos operations. So players must periodically return to the Los Bandidos committee to check whether the operation timer has been completed. When the operation timer reaches 0, it will set to the ready mode. There will be a mini-game where players must make decisions based on given goals. Successful completion of the three goals will complete the operation. Then players will receive 6p13 Auto Rococo Loco unique weapon rewards.

Far Cry 6 - 6p13 Auto Rococo Loco Specs
Far Cry 6 screenshot

The complete specifications of the 6p13 Auto Rococo Loco pistol in Far Cry 6 are as follows:

  • 40 Rounds in the Magazine
  • 850 RPM
  • Attachments: Soft-Target Rounds – deals heavy damage against unarmored targets, impairs damage against armored targets.
  • Modification: Fast Reload (Auto Pistol) – improves reload speed.
  • Modification: Press Advantage – improves weapon damage to enemies at low health.


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6p13 Auto-Pistol Rococo Loco has soft target bullets and shoots in two modes, fully automatic and burst (3 bullet shooting sequence). The soft target bullet is effective against any Arranian soldier who does not wear armor, and it is very effective against animals. It has a magazine capacity of 40 and can be classified as a sidearm SMG, making it ideal for passing by and vehicle hijacking.

Rococo Loco
Rococo Loco

The ADS on the Rococo Loco is an iron sight that struggles in mid-to-long range combat. Since there is no Far Cry 6 recoil upgrade, the players will get a 100% rebate. A good way to combat recoil and ADS is to switch the firing mode of the pistol to bursts. So produce controllable recoil at close range. Which the 6p13 Auto Rococo Loco Pistol is a fairly low-level weapon in Far Cry 6. Its large magazine capacity and interesting design are the only attractive points. The players are best to use it to provide cover firepower and should aim for headshots as much as possible when equipping it.


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