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Far Cry versions in general and Far Cry 6 both have Easter eggs scattered throughout the game. With Far Cry 6, players can easily see Pagan Min’s face appear on the covers of magazines.

Far Cry’s Easter eggs

Besides owning many other memorable villains, but Pagan Min is still very worthy of being mentioned. Pagan Min is a villain who likes to terrorize players with his powers. He claims to be King Kyrat to prove that he is a thorn in the eyes of protagonist Ajay Ghale.

He constantly maintains contact with the protagonist, which he describes as “tough love” while Ajay is working to destroy the warlord and the Golden Path.

Thanks to Ubisoft building many different endings. Pagan Min’s fate at the end of the game is up to the player. You can shoot Pagan Min, or throw him off a flying helicopter, or kick him out of Kyrat and spare his life.


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In addition to Easter eggs about Pagan Min, players can also find a series of hints about other games produced by Ubisoft such as Jurassic Park and the host of Assassin’s Creed Easter eggs. The game also features Easter eggs directly related to other entries in the Far Cry series, one of which is the appearance of Pagan Min himself. Fans can find their own Pagan Min Easter eggs here, and what they might mean.

While seeking to defeat Anton and his enemies while exploring the map of Yara in Far Cry 6. The players may stumble upon a magazine called “Coco For Cacao”, which features the face of Pagan Min himself. The covers of these magazines detail exclusive interviews with the villain. Telling how he “completely changed Kyrat’s cocoa”, reminiscent of the Himalayan environment in “Far Cry 4”. Player cannot read this magazine, which means that the Easter egg exactly matches the cover of the publication itself.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Min's Face Is All Over Yara
Pagan Min’s Face on megazines in Far Cry 6

How to find the magazine with Pagan Min’s face

Pagan Min’s appearance on the covers of many magazines around Yara can have multiple explanations. The most logical thing is that Ubisoft uses the character’s portrait as a funny Easter egg to make fun of the upcoming villain DLC. Pagan Min will appear alongside Vaas Montenegro of Far Cry 3 and Joseph Seed of Far Cry 5 because Ubisoft will let players understand the minds of each villain as they fight the many terrorists who live in it.

The magazine with Pagan Min may only hint at the upcoming post-launch content, but it may also have some story hints about the villain’s addition to Far Cry 6. Some people think that Ubisoft’s use of Pagan Min may mean that “Far Cry 6” is set before “Far Cry 4”. Considering that the two endings of the game are warlords slain by the protagonist Ajay.

However, since Far Cry 6 of Boomer’s death in Far Cry 5 re-examined and mentioned his environment from Montana. This means that Far Cry 6 cannot happen before Pagan Min rules Kyrat. So this theory seems impossible. letter. Ubisoft may use one of the canonical endings of Far Cry 4. Where Pagan Min escaped his life to justify his appearance on the cover of the magazine. Or they may be inclined to such a theory that “Far Cry 6” takes place in an alternate timeline. Where the villain like Min and Gas are still alive. Regardless of the situation, it is great to see heathens obsessed with food return to literature slightly in “Far Cry 6”.


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