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Fortnite recently updates the feature that allows the game to run in 120FPS mode on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S systems. Previously, the game was able to run at 4K resolution with 60FPS, however, for showing off the capabilities and power of next-generation hardware, Epic Games decided to add this feature on new console from Microsoft and Sony.

Video setting screen in PlayStation 5 - Fortnite supported 120FPS on PS5 and new Xbox
Video setting screen in PlayStation 5

But note, the default “120FPS Mode” will enable but requires players to enable it in Video settings. But for this option, there will be a few other settings that will adjust for stable performance. Specifically, when you turn on 120FPS Mode, the resolution on PS5 and Xbox Series X adjusts to 1440p instead of 4K, while the shadow settings and post-processing will decrease accordingly.

Unlike Xbox Series X, because the less powerful Xbox Series S, if 120FPS Mode is on,  Xbox Series X will reduce to 1080p resolution, and effects like shadows will decrease and the effect of cloud formation in-game will be turned off completely. Epic does note that when the 120FPS mode is disabled, the Series S will default to operating in 1200 mode instead of 1080 for all other modes and that really cannot distinguish between.

Fornite now can run at 120FPS - Fortnite supported 120FPS on PS5 and new Xbox
Fornite now can run at 120FPS

With the console upgrade, Epic games also pays certain attention to the PC system, which is a great concentration of players for FPS games like Fortnite. PC upgrade also improves PC stability so that the game can work better. But also note that for the game to work, your monitor or TV must also be supported at 120Hz.

How to turn one 120FPS on PS5

To play Fortnite in new mode on PS5, please watch the video below:

How to turn one 120FPS on Xbox X/S

For new Microsoft Xbox X/S, please watch video below:

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