Fortnite unvaults the Grappler
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Fortnite rolls out its latest hotfix for its Battle Royale mode, which unvaults the Grappler and also adds the new Icy Grappler. 

As 2021 enters a brand new month, Fortnite has decided to add more content to the game in the form of a hotfix. 

The new update deletes all Halloween images that decorate the title and cancels the Grappler, the fan’s favorite weapon. 

However, in addition to adding the Grappler, Fortnite also introduces a new, cold weapon variant: the Icy Grappler. 

The return of the Grappler

Epic Games’ popular free-to-play game just ended its month-long Fortnitemares event. 

In addition to themed cross-border skins like The Mummy and The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes, the annual Halloween celebration also showcases a variety of creepy Fortnite characters. 

A few days ago, the horror-themed Shortnitemares Film Festival of Fortnitemares ended, which featured a series of animated short films.

Fortnite unvaults the Grappler
The return of the Grappler

The November 2 hotfix for v18.30 was detailed on the Fortnite official website. It marks the return of the Grappler – a popular mobility item. 

For Fortnite newbies or those who may have forgotten, Grapplers can be attached to almost any surface on the island, throwing the player toward the place where the suction cup touches. 

It has a 10 shots clip, but one of the main drawbacks is that the Grappler is not reloadable. It means players will want to use it wisely. 

Grapplers in the skilled hand can make the player elusive, although the new variant makes the opponent more slippery. 

The new Icy Grappler is added

Fortnite unvaults the Grappler
The new Icy Grappler is added

In addition to Grappler’s unvaulting, Fortnite’s new update also adds a new version in the form of Icy Grappler. 

The function of the new weapon is roughly the same as that of ordinary Grappler. But instead of simply landing, the Icy Grappler freezes the feet of the user, allowing them to slide with power after landing.

The Icy Grappler should be particularly beneficial for players trying to dodge enemy fire, and can provide quick escape when descending. 

The new item is an Exotic, which means that the player must purchase the Icy Grappler from a specific NPC. 


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Horde Rush LTM remains playable

Fortnite unvaults the Grappler
Fortnite Horde Rush LTM remains playable

Although Fortnitemares and Halloween 2021 are technically over, Fortnite has decided to continue some creepy atmosphere for a while. 

Added during the considerable v18.21 update, the popular Horde Rush LTM can still be played. 

Players get as many points as possible by eliminating Cube Monsters, getting combos, and looking for a score multiplier while clearing a series of locations. 

Players who survive long enough can continue to challenge the Final Boss in the fierce duel. The limited-time mode will continue until 9 a.m. Eastern Time on November 9th.

The expansion of both the Grappler and Icy Grappler ought to infuse a lot of energy amidst Fortnite Season 8. 

And it ought to be fascinating to see the strategies players concoct utilizing the new Exotic.

Possibly one should particularly prove to be useful when taking on Boss Cube Monsters or other troublesome foes. 

Fortnite is allowed to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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