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Early July with lots of interesting information of the games. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut launches with many improvements for PS5. Magic Legends has to stop before releasing official. Kimetsu no Yaiba movie fans receive an official announcement about the game on PS5.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Hinokami Chronicles released in October

SEGA announced that Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Hinokami Chronicles, a game based on the DemonSword series, would be released in October this year. In the Main Age, Tanjiro, a kind boy selling coal for a living and discover his family was slaughtered by a demon. Worse, Nezuko’s sister, the family’s only survivor, is turning into a demon.

Despite the devastating truth, Tanjiro decision to become a “demon slayer”. So that he could turn his sister back into a man and kill the demon that slaughtered his family.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Hinokami Chronicles is a new “arena fighter” game by Cyberconnect2 (the team that produced the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series). This allows players to memorable moments of the two “Tanjiro Kamado Determination” and “Endless Train” storylines.

Users can now pre-order different versions of the game for the original price of USD 60 to receive many promotional gifts. Those who pre-order digital deluxe (priced at USD 70). Will play 2 days earlier with more support items in the game.

The game will premiere on October 13 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam.

Magic Legends “closed” ahead of official launch!

According to the recent revelation, Magic Legends, developed by Cryptic Studios. Will “close” the server after just one month of the beta launch, starting October 31, 2021. The developer said that the game will stop and that the studio did not plan to “re-open” the game in the future. The cause of the incident was not disclosed by Cryptic Studios.

Before that, Magic Legends faced a series of performance problems, heavy gameplay “plowing”. The Zen Shop (the game’s online store) also stop. Who has spent money for the game through the store will be refunded, but still, depending on the item you purchased. Until now, players can buy items in Aether, the in-game currency.

Magic Legends plans to launch in 2021. Including PC through Steam, in parallel with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Currently, an anime version of Magic: The Gathering is developing by Netflix, direct by Joe and Anthony Russo.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut officially revealed, there will be a fee for upgrading

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut post on the PlayStation Blog. Sony personally announced the project on its PlayStation Blog. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut will debut on both the PS4 and PS5 later this year, with a few exclusive features for the PS5.

It confirms a synthesis that includes both the original game and the entire sub-content. The main DLC is on the addition of Iki Island. In particular, it seems that the content on Iki Island will be related to the main game. Players can set foot on Iki Island after they play Chapter 2 of the game, and unlock Toyotama territory. PS4 gamers can transfer their saved files to PS5. So gamers who finish the game will be able to set foot on Iki Island.

Exclusive PS5 features included lip sync for Japanese dubbing, adaptive trigger on the PS5 controller, support for 3D audio, enhance screen load times, support for 4K resolution, and FPS up to 60FPS. However, unlike other PS4 to PS5 upgrades, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut will not be free. If purchased separately, this version will cost $60 on the PS4 and $70 on the PS5. If you already own Ghost of Tsushima. Players will spend about $20 on the PS4, upgrade to the PS5 will cost $10, or buy director’s cut for PS5 for $30 if they already own Ghost of Tsushima PS4.

Those interested can order this version now to get gifts for pre-orderers. Including a catalog of tracks of the original game and two new tracks for the expansion on Iki Island. Next is the digital artbook, with concept art from Ghost of Tsushima’s original campaign play, and 10 additional photos from the upcoming expansion.

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