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God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 11. Tyr’s vault appeared before Atreus’s vision. But the special thing was the giant lock hanging in the middle of the room. It was certainly holding something very special, but to get to what was inside, and they had to stop the lock from moving.

Inside Tyr’s Vault

To do that, Kratos and Atreus had to go to 4 surrounding rooms and each contained a stop switch of a piece of the lock. But to get inside each room, the two must overcome the traps in front of each path.

In the first room, after overcoming the traps. Kratos and Atreus stopped when they saw the huge amount of treasure that Tyr possessed. What caught Kratos’ attention, however, was a flask of wine from his native Greece. Next to it is an earthen vase, with an image of the mighty Kratos holding the Blade of Chaos.

God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 11 - Inside Tyr's Vault
The vase has art of Mighty Kratos

Quietly chin the vase in his hand, Kratos suddenly surprised when Atreus accidentally bumped into him while wearing a hat of a pharaoh. Hastily discarding the vase, Kratos asks Atreus to stop playing around and remember why they needed to come here.


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Upon reaching the final room to deactivate the last guard of the padlock. A magical trap is activated that locks Kratos and the shaft to each other. At the same time, the place where the Kratos was gradually being dragged down a hole filled with water.

There is hope, however, for there lies the puzzle of Ragnarok’s formation. To solve the puzzle Atreus must put two of the three symbols of the Moon and the Sun in the correct position where Hati and Skoll are on either side according to the prediction about Ragnarok when they swallow the Moon and the Sun..

The two knives

Completing the puzzle, the trap temporarily stopped moving down. But at the ceiling with countless sharp spikes were slowly pushing down as if to take Kratos’ life. For a moment Atreus used his mother’s knife to stab the spindle, stopping it and breaking the structure of the trap

Kratos escapes the trap but at the same time. Feya’s knife that Atreus possesses is now damaged along with the trap. But in return, the boy saved his father’s life.

God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 11 - Inside Tyr's Vault
the puzzle in Tyr’s Vault

Back outside, the lock stopped working, at which point Kratos called Atreus to give him another knife. The god of war said that on the day Atreus was born. He made two knives with two types of steel taken from the place where he was born and the place where Atreus was born. Mixed together, one knife is kept by Kratos and the other will be given to Atreus when he is ready.

He also instructs the boy about his duties and responsibilities as a god. And the most important thing Kratos wanted from his son was that Atreus must become a better person than Kratos was.

God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 11 - Inside Tyr's Vault
The Rune mix inside Atreus

Using his new knife, Atreus broke the final seal. A mysterious black stone is revealed. While it’s in Kratos’ hand nothing happened. But when the God of War gave it to his son the stone began to glow, mysterious characters glowed around Atreus and the stone fought disintegrated.

At the same time, monsters began to appear and attack the father and son. After defeating them and memorizing runes, the two set out to return. While waiting while sitting in the elevator, the two also shared the bottle of wine Kratos had taken while in Tyr’s Vault.

Modi’s End

Having obtained the rune, the two need to return to the top of the mountain. Where Mimir was kept to open the gate to Jotunheim. But since knowing that he is a god Atreus seems to be arrogant about his background. The boy begins condescending and acts like he has a higher status when talking to Mimir and the Sindri brothers, Brok.

On the way back to the top of the mountain, the sky fighting darkened and thunder and lightning appeared continuously, signaling that Baldur was nearby. Entering the tunnel that leads to the top of the mountain, the two meet Modi once more. In this appearance, Modi is worn out and he looks like he’s just got into a fight with someone, which we can assume is Thor.

God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 11 - Inside Tyr's Vault
Modi’s End

Although he was seriously injured, he still tried to insult Feya. It was this, along with his condescension with his status, that made Atreus go against Kratos’ words. The boy used the knife he had just been given to him by Kratos to stab Modi and knock him off the cliff. This made the God of War extremely angry because he never wanted his son to kill someone out of anger.

By killing a god of Atreus would make things worse. But they had to go on anyway, however, whether Atreus’s conceit would go any further. Along with possessing runes, will this be the end of the father and son’s journey? Let’s wait for the next part.


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