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God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 13. Clash with Baldur for the second time at the highest peak of Asgard, where Mimir’s immortal body was once held. At the same time, after Kratos and Baldur fight and are sucked back to Helheim. The mother-son relationship between Freya and Baldur is also revealed. However, Atreus and Kratos’ top priority now is to return to Midgard and find another route to Jotunheim.

The fly-ship in Helheim

Cling to the cliffs to find your way back to the Travel Room. Leaving behind Baldur, who was suffering as he was tormented by his cowardly past. The two find a ship lying on the frigid waters of Helheim. Stepping aboard the huge warship, Kratos intends to use the boat’s mane to make it a receiver for the winds of Helheim to bring the flying boat back to the Travel Room.


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Things almost went according to God of War’s plan, but the creatures living in Helheim constantly appeared around and tried to climb aboard to attack the intruders on their land. In addition, the cliffs also constantly block the movement of the boat, causing Kratos to constantly move to remove the obstacles.

God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 13 - Tyr's Hidden Temple
The fly-ship in Helheim

However, the most surprising thing was that the images and voice of Zeus appeared once again. Just like what happened to Baldur. Kratos’ past of deeds comes to life in front of the Ghost of Spartan. Images of Kratos attacking and taking the life of Zeus appeared. And what’s worse is that Atreus is also standing by and seeing everything.

Those images distracted the War God and he could do nothing but the torment that surrounded his mind.

Tyr’s Hidden Temple

Thanks to Atreus’s composure, the boy pulled Kratos out of the images as the boat floated above the Travel Room. Jumping out of there, the two fell to the roof and were lost in an unexplored area inside the Travel Room.

Here they found the missing panel inside the Tyr’s Vault entrance. And from what Mimir said, this is certainly Odin’s way of hiding all the clues about Tyr as well as the possible way to Jotunheim. The plaque also shows the places this god went to. Especially next to Northern Europe, this god used his power to travel to Greece, Egypt, and Ghoul, other distant lands.

God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 13 - Tyr's Hidden Temple
Missing panel about Tyr

But involuntarily, Kratos realized that Tyr’s eye on the Panel was a Jewel, similar to Mimir’s eye. Thanks to that Mimir used the power of her eye to illuminate the eye inside the panel and a mysterious message appeared. It was a secret temple that Tyr had hidden to avoid Odin’s search. Thanks to that, the Kratos father and son’s hope to go to Jotunheim was not extinguished after the gate at the top of the mountain was destroyed.


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However, in order to open the door of the temple hidden by Tyr, Kratos needs a special key, which is also mentioned in Tyr’s hint. Therefore, they had to return to Midgard to ask for the help of the Dwarf blacksmith.

Two become One

Returning to the main area of ​​the Travel Room, Kratos quietly asked Atreus what he had seen while they were on the boat. However, in response to his father, Atreus showed no interest and claimed that he did not see anything.

Back in Midgard, Kratos showed Brok a drawing of the key and as usual. He was still annoyed as usual and decided that the key could not be made because it needed a special mineral. At the same time, Sindri also appeared, marking the first time the two blacksmith brothers worked together in the same place.

God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 13 - Tyr's Hidden Temple
Sindri and Brok now come back work toghther

Thanks to the mineral stone that Sindri brought. The two together made the key that Kratos needed and let go of what happened before. And Brok wasn’t upset about the Dwarf having to forge a non-weapon item. Both Brok and Sindri shook hands, and for the first time in many years. The first item made with both brothers’ stamps appeared on it.

Restore Jotumheim temple

With the key that brothers Brok and Sindri made, the two were able to enter deeper areas below Tyr’s temple. There they discovered that the temple was actually built like two sides of a coin with a reversible structure. However, Tyr asked the Giants to use their skills to create two giant chains to prevent anyone who intended to go inside.

However, with the strength of a god and their fighting skills, the two broke the two chains. From there, Kratos turned Tyr’s temple upside down to reveal another small temple, which contained the Unity Stone. Something that can be used to travel around the Nine Realm without the need for a Travel Room.

Tyr’s Hidden Temple

Mimir also instructs Kratos to enter the fault of the Yggdrasil World tree and jump into its infinite space. Normally anyone doing that would die, however with Kratos holding the Unity Stone. This did not cause anything, and at the same time. It lead the father and son to the Jotunheim tower, which had been hidden for a long time.

Stepping inside, the two battle monsters overcome the obstacle, before being able to use the Unity Stone to restore the tower back so it can activate the portal to Jotunheim from the Travel Room.


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