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Continuation of the plot summary of God of War part four. After slaying the Electric Dragon and saving Sindri’s life, along with the Sending Arrows given to him by this dwarf, Atreus’ bow can now shoot arrows that contain the power of electricity thanks to the tooth of the Electric Dragon that had enchanted the boy’s bow.

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Continuing to cross a small section in the mountain cave, this place is not inherently dangerous so moving up is not too difficult for father and son. There, they also found a small temple containing a painting telling of the event Odin stabbed Ymir, the ice giant that caused the blood of the Giant king to flood Asgard.

Escaping from the side of the mountain, Kratos asked Atreus to take one of the Mistletoe arrows, he broke one of the arrows and clipped it to Atreus’s chest strap. Moving to the top of the mountain, it is not too difficult to understand, when they destroy those who stand in the way but the area, however, to go to the center of the temple on the top of the mountain, the father and son must climb the cliffs.

During the climb, they overheard the conversation of four men, one with a voice emanating from a tree trunk, the other three consisting of the man who attacked Kratos and two of Thor’s children. Surprisingly, this guy was still alive after Kratos broke his neck and threw him into the bottom of the cliff, but now not only was he alive, but there seemed to be no damage to his body.
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According to the conversation exchange from the trunk guy with the other three, he calls Kratos’ attacker is Buldur, one of Odin and Frigg’s children, and he and Thor’s two children come to him to inquire about the way to find Kratos and Atreus, in exchange he will talk to Odin to release him, but Buldur and the other two have to give up because the other knows that this guy can do nothing to help.

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Waiting for them to leave, Kratos and Atreus climbed to the top of the mountain and found that the voice in the tree was that of a man tied to the tree, the whole body was restrained except the head. Kratos asks Atreus to patrol around to exchange with the other, the god of war learns that the person imprisoned in the body with the other tree is Mimir, the smartest man alive of the Nine Worlds.

Mimir also claimed to be able to answer any question, however when Kratos asked him why Odin was chasing Atreus and me, Mimir was…don’t know. This is understandable because Mimir is wise through his learned knowledge, he does not have the power of prophecy or can read people’s minds, so it is impossible to know what happened when he was imprisoned on this mountain.

Returning to the story, Mimir heartbroken tells Kratos that he has been imprisoned on this mountain for more than 109 Winters, and to help Kratos, Mimir he will be Kratos’s assistance to help, and the first thing Mimir asserts after learning father and son came here to scatter Feya’s ashes that are the mountain where Mimir is imprisoned not the highest of the Nine Worlds, it’s located in Jotunheim where there is a mountain shaped like a giant’s five fingers.

Mimir also revealed that the giants destroyed the bridge to enter their region, and if anyone knew of another way to enter Jotunheim, it was the only giant in Midgard. Coincidentally, Mimir’s schedule as a secretary has been empty for more than a hundred years and Mimir also knows exactly what to do to get to Jotunheim.
However, in order to help Kratos and his son, Mimir must get out of this tree, by asking Kratos to cut off his head and find a way to revive this part, which is also the only important part containing the soul and Mimir’s wisdom. Although it may be forever dead, for Mimir, being tortured every day for more than 109 years was more than death.

Having undergone much previous torture of the gods Kratos accepts Mimir’s request, but before wielding the ax, Mimir also warns of irreparable consequences if Kratos still tries to hide his identity. Atreus’ truth to the boy himself, that Kratos might lose his child forever. Understanding that problem, however, until now Kratos has not been able to say this because his old father is still afraid of the consequences that may result if Atreus knows about his identity. And finally, Kratos swung the ax to cut off Mimir’s head and made his way back to the house in the forest of the witcher.

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