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In the plot summary of God of War – Part 4. After going to the top of the mountain where Mimir is being held, he learns that this is not the highest place of the Nine Realms. Kratos decides to save Mimir from the tree holding him in exchange for help from the wisest to find the way to Jotunheim. However, cutting off Mimir’s head was only one step in the process of freeing this man. In order to restore his life, Kratos and his son need to return to the Witch’s house in the forest.

At the highest point in Midgard, father and son Kratos could not return to the old road to descend the mountain because the cable cars had been destroyed before, fortunately near that area there was a portal that teleported through the branch of Yggdrasil to return to. Using the Travel Stone Brok gave him earlier, Kratos and Atreus returned to Týr’s temple. Where Brok’s smithy is working, where Atreus tells him about having met Sindri again but Brok pretends not to care, but then he also casually asks if Sindri “is alive”? At the same time, Brok also helped repair and refurbish Leviathan for Kratos.

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Leaving the palace of Týr, Kratos asked Atreus about the way back to the sorceress’s house, and of course, the boy remembered it well, it was a small cave behind Thor statue. The water level of the shrine area has now been lowered due to Jörmungandr’s movement, which makes the road back now reveal the deeper layers of the witch abode. However, it seems that the previous entrance to the house has been moved, so Kratos and Atreus have to climb a pine well to the upper house.

Seeing her again, Atreus was happy because he was worried before because she was sucked back into Midgard when he and his father travel to Alfheim. However, the safety of the sorceress took away the worries of son of Kratos. After greeting, Atreus casually asked her about resurrecting ahead, although she didn’t understand anything, she was not too surprised until seeing Atreus’s new arrows, the sorceress began to worry and angrily demanded that Atreus give them all to her to destroy. Despite not understanding anything, Kratos still asked Atreus to follow, she also made him promise to destroy all the arrows made from Mistletoe if he found them, she also told him to take all the arrows she has.

Her attitude confused the boy a bit, but shortly after returning to the resurrection, Kratos showed her Mimir’s head, warning Kratos if he knew what he was doing. However, she also agrees to help Kratos and also states that reviving Mimir requires the use of old magic, which she has not done in a long time. Performing some rituals and using creatures to cast spells, she asked Kratos to dip Mimir’s head into a cauldron of magical oil to proceed.

Mimir’s head is revived, she asks Kratos to let her talk to Odin’s former logistics man. Immediately after a few calls, she did libel to Mimir. Knowing she had just been resurrected and not surprised by what had just happened, Mimir thanks the sorceress, Freya, for having just saved him (Freya is Odin’s wife and mother of Buldur, who is pursuing Kratos. and Atreus). She also asserts that resurrecting Mimir was done for the sake of Kratos and his son, but this also angers Kratos because Freya has hidden her divine origin. Back and forth, Kratos asked Atreus to leave immediately and did not forget to slap with a blow to the door.

The boy Atreus seemed to become more confused this time, and asking his father why he was angry, Kratos said that he could not trust the gods, perhaps the war god’s obsession with the falsehood of the gods still persists. always present inside. Leaving in anger, Mimir asks Kratos to come and meet Jörmungandr, Mimir saying that if he wants to know the way to Jotunheim, he needs to ask “the last of the Giants that exist in Midgard, who are currently wandering around the area. Temple of Tyr” and that is Jörmungandr.

Read on to see what the second meet with Jörmungandr is interesting.

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