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God of War 4 plot: Chapter 6 continue when Kratos decided returne to the shrine of Týr, Kratos and Atreus moved to the top of the temple via a raised shaft. This place resembles a temple guard post, it can have an overlook to everywhere. Next to it is a giant trumpet, which the Vikings often used to warn of unusual circumstances.

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God of War 4 plot: Chapter 5 – Revival of Mimir

God of War Plot – The second meet Jörmungandr

To get Jörmungandr’s attention, Kratos held Mimir before the mouth of the giant trumpet. The sound echoed everywhere, Jörmungandr turned in the direction of the father and son, but the first thing the giant snake did was bite the statue of Thor standing tall before Jörmungandr’s eyes.

According to what Mimir said, Odin had this statue built in honor of Thor’s greatness. And having to see this statue really made Jörmungandr sick of it. Because in the past both Thor and Jörmungandr have fought many times throughout history and it is certain that the future will continue.

The second meet Jörmungandr

God of War Plot – Conditions to be able to come to Johtuheim

Going back to Mimir calling Jörmungandr, the two use an ancient language that, according to Mimir, is older than the ancient mountains ever existed. In order to ask for her help, Mimir told Jörmungandr about Feya’s wish and hoped to receive help. And not to despair Jörmungandr understood the pain of Atreus’ loss.

In order to open the door to Johtuheim, Jörmungandr pushed the shaft of the temple in the direction that Kratos needed and obtained for the preparation of the necessary items. Specifically, to get to the Giants’ area, they needed two things.

First, they need to learn about the Runes that can pave the way to Johtuheim. Second, they need to carve them on a special gate. That gate is located where Mimir first met Kratos and Atreus. And what could be used for carving on the gate was a chisel crafted by the infinite wisdom of the Giants.

God of War Plot – Reach Thamur’s body

Thamur was an extraordinary ice giant, he was taller than a mountain and was the best builder in the nine worlds. During the war between the Giants and Odin, Thamur used his skills to build a wall separating Jötunheim from the other realm. So he asked his son Hrimthur to build with him to hastily complete. However, the son of Hrimthur had a heart of a warrior and had no intention of receiving knowledge and helping Thamur. Thamur and Hrimthur argued fiercely until Thamur beat his son, causing Hrimthur to run away.

Feeling ashamed and regretful, Thamur chased after Hrimthur, his call alarmed Thor and this caused Thamur to be killed by Thor by attacking the ice giant. Causing the ice giant to slip and stab his chisel into the head. Thamur’s death created a massive blast of icy energy that froze the area around Thamur’s corpse, along with a village worshiping Njörd, a leader of the Vanir gods.

Thamur’s body

God of War Plot – Searching for the magic chisel

Moving to the area where Thamur’s body is lying, Kratos and Atreus now receive Thamur’s amazing music. In addition, Mimir also told the father and son about the reason for Thamur’s death and the magic chisel they were looking is lying underneath the ice giant’s corpse.

At this time, monsters constantly appeared to attack to hinder Kratos’ movement, but this could not be difficult when both father and son combined.

When the voice reached where Thamur was lying, they discovered the magic stone lying beneath the body, and the ice was so thick that even Thor’s hammer Mjölnir could not break, according to Mimir. However, Kratos retorted that it was because Thor was an idiot. At the same time, they also met Sindri again in this area and it seemed that the dwarf blacksmith was not discovered by the monsters here and this seemed to confuse Kratos.

God of War Plot – The Dwarf’s Secret

To explain this, Sindri said, the dwarves have a special trick that allows them to move undetected. This portal can go through different realms without using the travel room that Kratos father and son used to go to Alfheim, which is also the reason that could explain why Kratos is everywhere. came, occasionally the appearance of both brothers blacksmiths.

However, Sindri also said that this trick could not fool the dragons, that’s why in the last meeting Sindri was attacked by the dragon but couldn’t run away. Atreus also conveyed to Sindri that Brok had inquired of him and Sindri seemed to notice these things as well.

Sindri explain how he can travel with no being see

In the next chapter, Kratos and Atreus will have to find a way to break the thick ice to get the magic chisel under the thick ice.

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[…] God of War 4 plot: Chapter 6 – Thamur the frost giant […]

[…] God of War 4 plot: Chapter 6 – Thamur the frost giant […]

[…] God of War 4 plot: Chapter 6 – Thamur the frost giant […]

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