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God of War 4 plot – After Sindri helped repair the Leviathan ax as well as help the father and son make other necessary items. Kratos and Atreus continued on their way.

Moving on the bridge that is about to ruin

Through the ruins of the temple of Njörd, father and son find their way up Thamur’s hammer. Right now standing next to the giant corpse. Along the way, they also encounter countless enemies such as Trolls, Travelers, and Draugr that appear along the way. They appear more and more and more aggressive.

Move to the center of the ruined area that has a structure resembling a temple. Atreus had to use his gift of language to activate Runes that caused the floor to move up, where it bordered Thamur’s hammer. This didn’t bother Atreus at all, thanks to the hints for finding the necessary Runes already lying around the walls. However, activating the bridge made numerous Draugrs suddenly appeared continuously.

To be able to go up, Kratos must repeatedly destroy them so that Atreus can decode the Runes and relieve the weight of the bridge before it completely collapses. Despite appearing in large numbers, Kratos still managed to handle the situation and the father and son arrived at the right time when the head fell.

The puzzle in the shrine

Thamur’s Hammer

Stepping to the top of the ruined temple, in front of the father and son was Thamur’s hammer. At this point, Kratos told Atreus and him to use all their strength to push the giant hammer down to break the thick ice separating the magic chisels they needed to get.

The hammer fell off the cliff, at which point Kratos quickly asked Atreus to cling to the body of the hammer to fall back to the ground with it. Although the boy was successful, in a moment, Atreus slipped his hand and was caught by Kratos in time and hugged him before the god of war used his body to shield Atreus from the flying debris. everywhere as they both fell.


God of War 4 plot: Chapter 6 – Thamur the frost giant


The fall of Thamur’s hammer destroyed the thick ice, but the impact also made a terrible noise. Fortunately, both were safe without any injuries. But so that attracted the attention of two people that Kratos had met, the two brothers Magni and Modi.

Magni and Modi are brothers and sons of Thor, they were ordered to search for Kratos like Baldur and the tremor drew them both to the area where the magic chisel was located.

Thamur’s Hammer

Face to Magni and Modi

Meeting Sindri again, in the wreckage, he tells Kratos a little more about Magni and Modi. While Magni is a strong man, Modi is so weak that Sindri doesn’t want to talk about him.

Knowing the enemy is the best way to go into battle. Kratos and Atreus enter the area where the magic chisel is located, which is also where the Magni that Modi is wandering around to kill the monsters that are in their way.

Move to the place, at this time Magdi has also successfully defeated a Troll. He asked Kratos to surrender, of course, Kratos refused. Magni is overjoyed by that decision, understanding what will happen. Kratos asks Atreus to stand behind him to solve the problem with Magni but Modi suddenly appears and turns the battle into two against two.

During the battle, Modi repeatedly used words to hit Atreus’ psyche, the boy was constantly irritated by Modi’s words. Not only did he insult him, he also said the same about Feya, Atreus’ mother. At the end of the battle. Kratos killed Magni with an ax blow to his face.

Modi was so scared that he ran away in pain. But before that, he had to bear an arrow of Atreus pinned in his body. Atreus at this time, because he was so angry, caused the disease to rise, the boy coughed up blood but still tried to appear strong.

Face to Magni and Modi

Mystery about Valkyries

Use your Leviathan ax to smash a small corner of Thamur’s magic chisel. Kratos took away a piece small enough to fit in his pocket. And quickly, the father and son found their way back. Atreus admire what Kratos was able to do, his father was able to kill a god. And that person is Thor’s strongest son.

Possessing a small piece of the chisel, Kratos accidentally discovered it could also break doors sealed by a thick layer of ice, moving into areas inside the door, they discovered this was a prison. keep Valkyrie. According to Mimir, the Valkyries disappeared for unknown reasons and he was also surprised to see a Valkyrie being frozen and imprisoned in a place like this.

Coming closer to examine, as if in a state of hibernation, Valkyrie charged at Kratos, after fighting. Kratos defeats the Valkyrie, her spirit tells Kratos. The Valkyries are currently incarcerated and she hopes Kratos can help free the Valkyries’ souls as the God of War did to her.

Mystery about Valkyries


God of War 4 plot: Chapter 1 – The New Journey Begin

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