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God of War Plot – Chapter 9. Leaving Freya’s house, Kratos stepped on the goddess’s boat. Her magic caused the boat to go downstream on its own to return to the House of God of War.


Silently sitting on the boat, Kratos thought about what he had gone through. At this time the silhouette of Athena, the goddess of war appeared in front of Kratos. “Athena, get out of head,” God of War said. The dark sky mixed with the red of blood and ashes everywhere. The thunder around him made everything dark. Stepping out of the boat, Kratos returned to his own house, and the God of War see the reavers blocking the entrance. They were from Helheim, unaffected by the power of the Leviathan ax. After destroying them all with his bare hands, God Of War entered the house.

God of War 4 Plot :Chapter 9 - The Heart of Gatekeeper
Athena appear in front of Kratos

Turning the floor to one side, Spartan Warriors opened the door where Atreus had been hiding when Baldur first visited Kratos. Can’t believe that below is the place where Blade of Chaos is hiding.

Open each yard of fabric that covers Blade of Chaos. Kratos wraps each chain to connect to the pair of blades into his hand.


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God of War 4 Plot :Chapter 9 - The Heart of Gatekeeper
Blade of Chaos burning in Kratos’s hand

“There’s nowhere you can hide, Spartan. Put as much distance between you and the truth as you want, it changes nothing. Pretend to be everything you are not…teacher…husband…father…but there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape: YOU CAN NOT CHANGE, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A MONSTER” Athena’s illusion said.

“I know, but I am your monster no longer” Kratos said.

Kratos now no longer a monster for Athena

Blade of Chaos is as burning as it was in its early days. Kratos came out to destroy Helheim reavers, burning them with the unstoppable flames of the pair of blades.

The Land of the Dead, Helheim

Return to Tyr’s shrine through the teleportation gate. Kratos meets Brok again, the dwarf immediately notices the specialty of Blade of Chaos. With a lot of experience made many weapons have terrible power such as the Mjolnir. Brok said the weapon Kratos used was much more special than Thor’s hammer.

Helheim, World of Spirit

However, at this meeting, he did not see Atreus, so Kratos immediately explained his son’s health and Brok wanted to help Kratos. But he refused, telling Brok that what he had done for himself was enough for him.

Use the Rune Freya gave him. Kratos entered the travel room inside the shrine to move to Helheim.

The door opened, the sky was a gloomy icy color and cold winds, Mimir said.

“Odin can’t survive here either.”

God of War 4 Plot :Chapter 9 - The Heart of Gatekeeper
The Gatekeeper

Move straight from the shrine to the gates of Helheim. Souls gathered in large numbers on this main road. Mimir thought something very bad had happened.

He told Kratos that the Valkyrie would normally stand in front of the Gates of Helheim to sort and cull the spirits to bring the honor warriors to the Valhalla Palace. But we already know the Valkyrie is currently sealed. This led to Helheim’s overload. The gate to this place is closed and the souls must wander in the unknown.

God of War 4 Plot :Chapter 9 - The Heart of Gatekeeper
Spirit walking on the way to Helheim gate

So it is imperative that Kratos find a trail to get inside. Here Kratos also met the reavers he defeated when he returned home to get Blade of Chaos.

Destroying the reavers that got in his way. Kratos pass through trails as well as climbs through various rocky areas, Mimir further explained that.

“Time in each realm world does not move same, especially in the world of spirit.”

The Heart of the Gatekeeper

Alfheim where Kratos passes has fast-flowing time. That’s even true when Kratos is in the Lake of Souls recharging the Light of Alfheim. But time in Helheim was slower than Midgard. Therefore, when Kratos is here for a long time, it is only a small moment, and it will be time for him to bring his heart back to Midgard.

The footy porters are burned by Kratos under the flames of Blade of Chaos. Kratos shouted at the side of Helheim’s gate. And here the Gatekeeper is guarding to sort out what is the soul and what the living person is mingling with.

God of War 4 Plot :Chapter 9 - The Heart of Gatekeeper
Kratos vs Gatekeeper

Having just encountered Kratos, a living man, the Gatekeeper uses his power to lock the entrance, and the two rush to fight each other. In order to save Atreus, Kratos must get the gatekeeper’s heart, and he has no intention of letting Kratos come back alive for trespassing on the place.

With the power of the Blade of Chaos. Kratos’ slashes severely hurt the creatures protected by its power. Eventually, the Gatekeeper was killed, and Kratos used a pair of blades to dissect the creature. Just like the brutal way Athena talked about him, the way a monster did.

The heart of the Gatekeeper was removed. But before he left, he heard a familiar silhouette and voice, Zeus. Why did the man Kratos killed appear here?


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