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The upcoming God of War Ragnarok, with its massive amount of content, is sure to have content you’ll miss. However, these are important content that will contribute to the development of the upcoming game. There are bound to be events that you haven’t figured out yet.

Why is Atreus sick?

Like Kratos, Atreus was born with God’s blood by nature. But to ensure the identity as well as the safety of the child. Both Kratos and Laufey concealed the boy’s true identity. That was why during his childhood, every time the blood of a God raises. It would make Atreus sick because his father and mother themselves tried to restrain Atreus’ true power.

It’s like when you feel like coughing but someone next to you covers your mouth and says “don’t cough, I’ll smack you”. The game’s director Cory Balrog himself also explains that “Atreus’ illness was like a kind of puberty of a god and that Kratos and Laufey’s failure to articulate and help Atreus control the power inside the body made the source of power was turned upside down and caused Atreus’ health disorder because he himself was a god but had to live with the thought of being a weak pupil.”

God of War and these important story concern to Ragnarok

In the game, the player can see many times Atreus’s power manifests when the boy gets angry and when Baldur talks badly about his dead mother. The rest is as clear as the game’s development. Kratos must go to Helheim to get the heart of the Troll guarding the gates of hell to bring Freya to make a potion to neutralize the power of God and man inside the boy.

However, what really helped Atreus to be completely healthy was the fact that Kratos told the truth about his background. From there the power flow is more stable. But at the same time, Atreus also began to have an arrogant and self-satisfied attitude.

Freya and her Relationships

Freya is the goddess of the Vanir clan. After the long war with the Aesir. Freya moved to Asgard in exchange for the peace of the two peoples. Freyr’s brother is also the head of Alfheim, but over the course of the game, not much is known about Freyr in the world of God of War.

With Odin

Freya was initially pampered by Odin to entice her to teach him Vanir magic. But unfortunately, Freya fell into Odin’s scheme and taught him many things about Vanir’s magic. Later, after revealing his true nature, Odin showed a cold attitude towards Freya despite many times giving in to Odin’s dictatorship. Indignant at the injustice, Freya left Asgard to Midgard to find peace in the forest. Where the player first meets her. Also because the idea of ​​exchanging goods between Vanir and Aesir had caused Freya to suffer. She also hated Minir, as he was one of the proponents of this plan. The proof is that when resurrecting Minir’s head, Freya defamed Minir in the face.

God of War and these important story concern to Ragnarok

After leaving Midgard to live, Odin furious with Freya and curse her with a special spell he created. Although very strong, but over the years of living together Odin has understood where her weakness is to make Freya’s magic unable to break Odin’s curse, one of the curses is that she can’t come out. From Midgard, you can see Freya being sent back to Midgard when he led the Kratos father and son to Alfheim.

Valkyrie Queen

Freya herself may well be one of the Valkyries. Upon entering Freya’s house, the player can see a pair of Valkyrie wings hanging on the wall that covered by a large cloth. At the end of the game, when Kratos and Atreus abandoned Minir’s head to go to Jotunheim. Freya pays a visited Minir and asked him if he knew the location of her wings. Thus, it can be understood that the wings in Freya’s house are like armor for her real outfit, as well as other Valkyries that the player has met. But here comes a problem. Kratos helped free the Valkyries from Odin’s curse, but now that their queen Freya wants revenge on Kratos, what will be the relationship between Valkyrie and Kratos in the upcoming Ragnarok game?

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