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As one of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed games in history. God of War has officially made its way to PC. Now both God of War newcomers and long-time fans of the series can purchase and play the game on their PC without a PlayStation console. Taking part in Kratos’ epic storyline inspired by Norse mythology.

Whenever a popular game is released on PC, one of the first thoughts of many players will be mods. As mods can improve or completely change the gameplay and image of the title. The gaming community will be excited to know that two of the developers of God of War fully support the modding community and think that God of War mods will be very interesting.


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The developers in question, director Cory Barlog, and senior technical production manager Matt DeWald said in an interview. They would like to add mod support in the future as the PC port is currently unavailable. The system supports mods, and at the same time. They are keen to see what players can do to change the game. Barlog himself even said he enjoys playing PC games with mods. That’s why he motivates players further to alter God of War in different interesting ways.

God of War director encourages gamers to create mods for PC version
God of War’s director Cory Barlog (Right side)

Going into more detail about mod support, the two said that the systems used to create God of War are custom and quite complex. They say even with comprehensive training. It takes months for rookie developers to fully get up to speed with the system. So building a support system for mods would be great. But doing that would be difficult and time-consuming due to the challenges of understanding the system.

Encouraging players to modify the game will definitely bring in a larger player base as well as more people looking to mod the game. The developers of God of War encourage modders. Which has made both the game and the game’s community feel extremely positive. Sometimes game developers will prevent gamers from modifying the game and adding features to the game to make modding more difficult or impossible, some companies even vigorously sue the game developers. mod making page. But with the indirect verbal support of the PlayStation developers. God of War’s gamers can expect that mods will become an important part of the game in the future.

With God of War now out and purchasable on PC, many gamers have certainly started their adventures through the wilderness as Kratos. While modders are hard at work changing the game from the top down. below. Only time will let the community see what amazing weird mods people make. But for now, gamers can enjoy the original version of the game as it was originally intended on PC. mine.


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