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In the succession of the God of War 4 Plot: Chapter 2, after fully charging the Bifrost key, the father and son Kratos returned to the travel room. Use the key to activate the crank path back to Midgard, to reach the foot of the mountain where the Black Mist is covering the path to the top of the mountain. Will the father and son’s journey put an end here? Find details below.

Reaching the foot of the mountain

Returning to Tyr’s shrine, the father and son headed up the path to the mountain covered with the Black Mist magic, Odin had performed to port the way up. The way to the mountain now has more monsters and beasts blocking the way Kratos and Atreus. However, thanks to the re-activation of the cable car leading up to the mountain, it has made it much easier to move.

Go to the position where the Black Mist aura covers. Kratos uses the power of Light of Alfheim now fully charged for Biforst to dispel the black mist. Thereby proceed to the foot of the mountain to climb up the entrance to the inside of the mountain.

The face on the mountain - God of War Plot: Chapter 3 - Reaching to Top of Mountain
The face on the mountain

Inside the mountain

Up to the mouth of the cave, Kratos continues to use the Light of Alfheim to completely eliminate the Black Mist, thereby discovering the saw leading to the inside. This is where the Gaint building, looks like an excavation, in front is a statue of Durapror, one of the four deer guarding the world tree Yggdrasil.

Durapror is a deer guarding the Gaint people while they are sleeping. Moving deeper, both father and son reach the Heart of Mountain, which is more clearly a Gaint architecture, but the machines and tools are clearly the product of the dwarves. The task is now to reach the top of the mountain through a suspension system that is used to move ingredients from below.

Due to old tools and machines, as well as the hacking crews coming here before to steal valuables, this causes many parts of the transport system to no longer work. At the same time, the decay of the cave blocked the route to put the transport vehicle on the hook. This forced them to remove the rock blocking the hook in order to bring the transport cart to the correct position to go up.

Passing the first floor to reach the top of the mountain, both father and son must continue to activate the elevator to complete the remaining route. Along the way, monsters like The Undead, Fierce Ogre, and even Troll appeared continuously. Although this is a small cave and there isn’t much for them to attack, it’s not difficult for both father and son to overcome due to many conflicts before.

Inside the Mountain - God of War Plot: Chapter 3 - Reaching to Top of Mountain
Inside the Mountain


A Fight with Electric Dragon

Quietly waiting for the elevator to go to the top of the mountain, suddenly a large dragon appeared, it tried to attack both Kratos and Atreus, but the terrain was so small that the dragon could not attack effectively. Along with pushing the ladder into the dragon’s face, making it compelled to retreat before getting more damaged. Fortunately, father and son arrived at the same time that the cable car was damaged.

Moving out of the mountain, the two reunite with the Dragon attacking Sindri, though not wanting to get involved in the robbery or worrying about others, with Atreus’s persuasion, Kratos decided to use his strength to fight the Dragon. While it was paying attention to Sindri, Kratos circled back and climbed on the dragon’s back, and made a surprised attack. The attack made S safe, and now the battle between Kratos and the Electric Dragon begins.

Every creature has a weakness, and a warrior’s job is to spot the weakness of the enemy to his advantage. With its large body, the dragon clearly had many advantages. The fact that it can spit out electricity that makes it a lot more difficult to access. Fortunately, thanks to their previous encounter, they discovered a mineral that could explode if activated electrically.

Kratos vs Electric Dragon
Kratos vs Electric Dragon

Gifts from Sindri

They took advantage of that, along with past experience in fighting with giant creatures in Greece many times, Kratos used that mineral to throw at the Dragon’s mouth as it was about to throw an electric current at him. However, after being damaged by its own weapon several times, the Dragon changed to only use his physical powers to attack Kratos.

The battle continued until Kratos motioned Atreus to take advantage of a moment to shoot down the giant hook. Without waiting, Kratos caught it and stabbed it into the Dragon’s eye. With the power of a god, Kratos pushed the hook to pin the dragon’s eye into the sharp rock, then to end the dragon’s life.

According to S said, for hundreds of years of Nordic history, no one has been able to kill a real dragon. And S is really happy because Kratos did it for him, but for Kratos, he is not really proud. But in return for saving S’s life for giving Atreus mistletoe arrows, with the ad “Straight beyond Heimdall’s dignity and the perfect weight for aiming, he requested Kratos to take a Dragon tooth to make a spell to help the arrows fire from the bow of Atreus now to carry the power of the Electric Dragon.

Now Atreus's Bow has the power of Electric Dragon
Now Atreus’s Bow has the power of Electric Dragon


The Fight with Dragon helped Kratos and Atreus stronger, now with the Electric Bow, they will have more tool for keeping the journey. Do you interesting in it, let us know.

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