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In the year after 2022, God of War Ragnarok will release on PS5 with the story continuing the events from God of War 2018. According to the producer Santa Monica, the game will be the final part to end the era of Kratos in the land of North mythology. As well as answering questions and secrets that the 2018 game left open. Today 4FREEGAME will summarize the secrets that God of War Ragnarok needs to solve for the game to have a satisfying ending.

1. Rock paintings depicting future events

In the first battle between Kratos and Baldur, when the young god first threatened the God of War. If viewed slowly, the player can see the painting depicting Kratos’ encounter with the World Serpent. Along with that are Kratos’ Spartan Rage state and their final battle to Baldur next to Thamur’s corpse.

God of War Ragnarok and some unanswered questions fans want to know
Rock paintings depicting future events

At the end of the game when the father and son arrived in Jotunheim, the walls gradually revealed the painting that predicted the journey of the father and son. As well as predicting the future, especially events that can predict Kratos’ death in the future.

So who predicted and knew the future of these events? Up to now, according to director Cory Balrog, the entire journey of Kratos father and son has been marked by Feiya, Atreus’ mother, who seems to have silently used special signs to mark the way to Kratos and Atreus can easily find their way to Jotunheim. But about Kratos’ death, will it come true? We need to wait for God of War Ragnarok to come out for answers.

2. Sindri and Brok, brothers’ avoid meeting Freya

In God of War 2018, there will be several times when the player travels with Freya (Baldur’s mother) to fulfill certain requests. Like how she guided Kratos to Alfheim, specifically on the way from the foot of the mountain to the Travel Room. You can see that when walking with Freya through Sindri and Brok’s work area, none of them show up. It seemed they knew about Freya’s presence and didn’t want to face the goddess.

God of War Ragnarok and some unanswered questions fans want to know
Sindri and Brok, brothers’ avoid meeting Freya

Also, when Kratos asked Sindri and Brok to help him hold Mimir’s head to enter Jotunheim when they returned, only Mimir’s head was there and the two blacksmiths were gone. It is later learned that, when Kratos and Atreus left, Freya went to Mimir to ask where Odin had hidden his Valkyrie wings. And once again Sindri and Brok can be seen leaving Mimir there to avoid meeting Freya.

So why was the relationship between Freya and the two dwarves so tense? According to 4FREEGAME’s speculation according to the game’s data, the dwarves themselves helped the Aesir gods forge weapons against the Asir courtiers. That’s why they deliberately avoided Freya because the dwarves also contributed to the war between the two races.


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3. Jörmungandr’s poisoned in Leviathan ax

If you remember, Kratos and Atreus’ first meeting with Jörmungandr was to summon the great serpent. Kratos must throw his only weapon, the Leviathan ax, into the heart of the Nine Worlds Lake. And when Jörmungandr ascended to the surface. It spewed out Kratos’ ax with the announcement Eitr Imbued, which means it has read Eitr (Jörmungandr’s poisoned).

God of War Ragnarok and some unanswered questions fans want to know
Leviathan with Intr Imbued

This makes a lot of sense in Norse mythology, when Ragnarok happens, Jörmungandr fights Thor. After defeating Jörmungandr, Thor collapsed from Jörmungandr’s poison after eight steps. Jörmungandr’s poisoned Leviathan ax is a hint that Kratos will be the one to take Thor’s life with Jörmungandr’s venom as the legend goes.

4. The trumpet calls to Jörmungandr

When Atreus was awakened by the Spartan Rage’s power and fell into a coma. Kratos had brought the boy back to Freya’s house, now in the cave below the entrance. You can hear the horn sound used to get the attention of Jörmungandr. However, according to Mimir, only he could use the ancient language to communicate with Jörmungandr. So who else can use this language? We never knew this.

God of War Ragnarok and some unanswered questions fans want to know
Who call to Giant Snake


However, recall that in the final battle of Kratos and Baldur. Atreus had developed the ability to speak Parseltongue to ask Jörmungandr to attack Thamur in order to create space for the boy and Kratos to attack Baldur. And it is interesting that in the future there will be a mysterious event that causes Atreus and Kratos to return to this time and communicate with Jörmungandr? Like how the great python was transported back in time? Let’s wait and see.

5. The secret of a giant Raven sits in Helheim

While Atreus was filled in. To save his son, Kratos must go to Helheim and retrieve the Heart of the Gatekeeper so that Freya can make the potion. To reach the world of spirits, Kratos must use the Blade of Chaos’ undying flames to incinerate creatures protected by Helheim’s icy powers.

A giant Raven sits in Helheim

However, in addition to the area where the Gatekeeper is standing guard, the thing that attracts and causes the most curiosity to players is the giant raven sitting and looking at Kratos. So far, the game has provided no information about this raven, and it is unclear what role this creature will play. However, Santa Monica certainly wouldn’t build such a creature. If they didn’t have a specific reason to contribute to the next game.

6. 3 Dragons that Kratos unleashed

Besides the stories of the Valkyries sealed by Odin around the Realms. God of War also included three famous mythical dragon creatures of Norse mythology. It’s Fafnir, Otr, Reginn. They are 3 dwarven brothers who were turned into dragons together.

3 Dragons

In the game, the player can travel to areas such as the Shores of Nine, Alfheim tower, and Veithurgard to free them from the chains holding them captive. Although not contributing too much to the main story of the game. But according to director Cory Balrog, in the future, it is possible that these dragons will return and play an important role in the final battle when Ragnarok takes place.


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