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After the blockbuster God of War Ragnarok trailer was released at the previous Playstation 5 event. Fans have translated the various Runes in the Omega logo displayed on the logo screen. In addition to the essential Omega logo, the franchise logo, there are also many runic hints around it.

The different Nordic runes around the logo come from two of three different Aett letters, which are divisions of ancient Norse runes. Most of them are from Freya, clearly implying that she will return.

This is not surprising, as Kratos and Atreus had killed her son Baldur in the previous match, and Freya immediately approached Mimir to inquire about the location to retrieve the wings and weapons. Odin hid. One is not Freya’s runes in the Norse alphabet, but runes from Tyr. Tyr was mentioned several times in the previous game but never appeared.


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The runes of God of War 2 seem to spell out “Gods Twilight”, which is the apocalypse when the gods of Norse mythology will go to war. Kratos and Atreus kill Baldur and start Fimbulvintr. The long winter marks the beginning of the twilight of the gods. Atreus’ real name is Loki also suggests that he was the initiator of the whole event.

God of War Ragnarok the symbol on Omega explains

There are also Allfather’s runes, representing the impending threat by Odin. He has been mentioned several times in the previous game but has never been seen. Now that Baldur is dead, the other Norse gods can notice. Especially at the end of the first game when Kratos and Atreus face Thor

Since the game is scheduled for release in 2022, it may take some time before we can talk more about the details of the game. But consider the details in the God of War Ragnarok trailer. It can be seen that the Runes have accurately predicted Freya’s role in Ragnarok.

However you can also see, in addition to Freya, Odin will definitely be an important part of coming. Then there is another character that will also appear (based on the hint of the Rune), which is Heimdall. According to Norse mythology, when Loki will fight Heimdall and both will die.

However, until now, the producer Santa Monica has only confirmed the villains that will appear in God of War Ragnarok will include: Freya, Thor, Odin. Therefore, to fill the Boss list, the producer will need to arrange more so that Ragnarok will be more epic. Because before that, the God of War 2018 game part was somewhat lacking in the big battles of Kratos and the Norse gods.


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