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In the previous post, we went through some important information in the trailer of God of War Ragnarok, at the end of this part 4FREEGAME will inform you and other interesting information about the game.

Grabber point come back

In the previous game, the ability to fly and use the Blade of Chao to cling to a position was removed, but in God of War Ragnarok, the manufacturer has brought this feature back into the game to help Kratos’s move now much more flexible. In addition, Kratos can also attack from high to low terrain instead of just being fixed at the standing position.

God of War Ragnarok Trailer and details you may have missed – Part 2

Thor officially revealed his face and belly:

It cannot be overstated to say that Santa Monica’s team has used many ideas from the MCU, this time Thor, looking at this character we can see a lot of similarities if compared to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. in Endgame, from the beard to the big belly, of course, we know in the previous game, Thor is an obnoxious, arrogant and somewhat disdainful person.

God of War Ragnarok Trailer and details you may have missed – Part 2

Looking at Thor, we’re going to be a bit disappointed, but as the producer explains, “his power and danger don’t come from his muscles, which is a great thing about the point, you don’t have to sparkle muscles like the Hulk to prove himself a strong man.” Moreover, Thor is depicted as a drinker of beer like water, so this image is more realistic to describe this god.

Asgard owns its own Bifrost Bridge

Another detail that may have been an idea from the MCU, when this soldier is teleported down from a large beam of light similar to how Heimdal sent the people of Asgard through Biforst in the MCU in the Thor movie, but this is only This is my opinion, what do you think, please comment.

God of War Ragnarok Trailer and details you may have missed – Part 2

God of War Ragnarok Trailer and details you may have missed – Part 1

New types of enemies

There are quite a few new types of enemies appearing in the trailer that you will probably be able to ignore, but their origins are quite interesting.

The first is the crocodile that attacked Kratos, I initially associated this monster with the same type of crocodile in the God of War: Fallen God cosmic, but Santa Monica Studio confirmed it was not him. This crocodile is called Drekies, a dragon of Norse mythology, and you will probably fight it many times along the way, moreover, the area in this segment seems to be Vanaheim, inhabited by the god of the Vanir.

God of War Ragnarok Trailer and details you may have missed – Part 2

Next is the centaur monster, at first glance you may think of the Centaurs from the previous games in Greece, but no, this is a Stalker, they have the same appearance but were born in different places, so they have different names. Another thing is that these Stalkers appear in an area that seems to be near Kratos’ house, you will probably encounter them in the early stages of this Ragnarok game.

God of War Ragnarok Trailer and details you may have missed – Part 2

The next interesting thing is that the battle between Dark Elf and Light Elf will continue in Ragnarok although before, to recharge the Bifrost key, Kratos accidentally defeated Dark Elf to help Light Elf regain Light of Alfheim. But now the war continues, if you haven’t forgotten, in the previous part, when defeating the Dark Elf king, this guy said what Kratos was doing was a grave mistake, and that was true, in the introduction trailer at hey the Light Elves are attacking Kratos while the Dark Elves are on the side of the war god.

Tyr – The Norse God of War

As the main plot of God of War 2018 told, Tyr is the God of War who inherits the love of the whole Nine Worlds for his integrity and uses his power to build peace instead of causing harm. go to war as the title that I hold. Tyr is also the one who repeatedly used his power to prevent Thor from being able to destroy the Giants on Odin’s orders. However, knowing that it couldn’t be done forever, Tyr broke the road connecting the Bifrost Bridge to Jotunheim and built another secret passage. That is also the way Kratos father and son used to complete their trip. However, whether Tyr is alive or dead is not confirmed, the only thing the player knows is that Tyr is a good god.

In Ragnarok, Tyr officially appeared in the game in captivity but still had two arms. For those of you who don’t know according to Norse legend, in order to lure the wolf Fenrir to a rock, Tyr sacrificed his arm to tied Fenrir to the rock resulting in Tyr losing his right arm, but in God of War Ragnarok, the fact that Tyr still has enough two arms proves that Fenrir has not yet appeared and perhaps has to wait for the game to release more information to know the truth. However, it is possible that time travel will explain these out of sight, as the World Serpent Jormungand appeared earlier with Loki’s daughter Hel.

Loki’s Wife – Angrboda Appears

Information about Angrboda is nothing much except her appearance, also according to where she appears in the clip it seems to be in Jotunheim, the kingdom of giants, Santa Monica also confirmed that she was the last person besides Atreus to be of Giant blood.

About Angrboda, according to anecdotes, Angrboda as Loki’s wife, mother of Jormungandr, Hel, and Fenrir, the three monsters that destroyed most of the most important gods of the Nine Realms while Ragnarok was happening. Basically, it is not known how to make the manufacturer suitable for the appearance of Fenrir and Hel when Atreus (Loki) and Angrboda are still kids.

Some other God of War Ragnarok information

God of War Ragnarok is no longer direct by Cory Balrog, but instead by Eric Williams, who has been involved in the development stages of many previous God of War installments, especially in combat. Meanwhile, Cory Balrog will step back to the production position. According to director Cory Balrog, in Santa Monica, the tradition of transferring directors between games of a franchise takes place steadily, this is how the Studio makes the next games have a new way of telling the story, content and not exhausting the staff who performed the previous part.

God of War Ragnarok is also the final game in the Norse, to prepare for the next journey. Before that, if you do not know, after the events of God of War 3, after committing suicide, Kratos was revived and left the land of Greece and the Blade of Chaos, however, the fate of bearer chaos cannot be brushed away so easily. Wherever Kratos goes, just falling asleep for a moment, the Blade of Chaos will appear beside Kratos as a curse, along with the events Kratos experienced in Egypt. If you are interested and want to learn more, you can read the God of War: Fallen God cosmic. The story was published in March of this year.

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