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If you’re a new player to the New World, you’ll probably need some tips and guides to familiarize yourself with a large number of mechanics and crafting, resource-gathering, and resource-gathering systems. , upgrade the skill tree. As a new MMORPG from Amazon Game studio, New World has player-managed economies making it not the most beginner-friendly of games. If you want to spend your time exploring and looting on the mystical island of Aeternum, check out these basic tips we’d like to recommend to you.

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7 Tips you should know before playing New World

Guides & Tips 1: Autorun will save your finger while playing 

A strange thing in New World is that the game does not offer any kind of pet or transportation. This is quite surprising in Aeternum there are no horses, which means that players will have to walk to move to where they want.

To make moving more convenient, as well as reducing frustration and not destroying the keyboard you are using. Players can use autorun, which is bound to the ‘=’ key by default. You should use this feature when moving around the island instead of having to rest your fingers on the WASD keys.

While the character is moving, you can use the mouse to control the direction the character is running. Autorun can also help you navigate uneven terrain. But this also makes playing New World quite annoying because there aren’t any features to help you move faster.

Guides: 7 Tips will help player survive on Aeternum in New World
Autorun will save your finger when playing New World

Guides & Tips 2: Keep all your low-level gear

After completing the first few missions to get acquainted with the basics of New World, you will receive some equipment that requires a higher character level than the current one. When you receive these equipment, remember to keep the old equipment that the character is using, to ensure that the stats can be maintained until the new equipment can be used.

Rescue equipment also provides a Repair Kit, which will be important to repair advanced equipment later, when the character is already able to use them. It is best to take advantage as soon as possible when the character has enough level.

Nor should you try to sell them. The Market in New World is player-managed and trades by allowing the player to deposit the item you want to sell at the point of sale and wait for another player to purchase an order from you. However, low-end equipment is completely useless to other players and they can easily die, so trying to sell them won’t do any good.

Guides: 7 Tips will help player survive on Aeternum in New World
Keep all your low-level New World gear

Guides & Tips 3: Respec your skills in New World

New World does not use a level system, instead the game focuses on a skill system. Use points to upgrade attributes, and master certain weapons to unlock their skills. While your skill level will always be the same, the two systems just mentioned can change at any time. So you can change your playing style at any time to suit your playing style.

To respec the attribute points, you need to open the New World Character page and then open the Attributes tab. Selecting “Respec” will return attribute points to the character, and you can reallocate them as needed. You can do this for free until level 20. In addition, the character will lose a bit of gold each time it respawns, so choose a reasonable play style.

Likewise, leveling up each weapon gives you proficiency points to use towards unlocking perks and special abilities to use in combat. Mastery points can also be redeemed to change your playstyle with other weapons. You can respec those points for free until to level 10 and after that it will cost a bit of money. Use the first levels to experiment on all the different weapons and attributes and find the right playstyle that will be so much better for you.

Guides: 7 Tips will help player survive on Aeternum in New World
Respec your skills in New World

Guides & Tips 4: Check in at Inns to fast travel for free in New World

New World, like other open world games, has very few fast-moving points. So to save time and move more freely you need to check in at local Inns. In the future you can click on the Settlements you want to move on the map. Then select “Recal to Inn”, to move freely to almost any location for free. If you want a quick escape or want to avoid returning to the settlement for a mission, use this option.

However, you cannot do this while on a quest that requires PvP. If you need to move the traditional way, you need to join the previous Settlement and can only move to the other Settlements you’ve been to. Fast travel also has a certain fee based on the distance traveled. While in Settlements, you should look around to find the delivery vehicles. You can loot to gather some more resources for crafting.

Guides: 7 Tips will help player survive on Aeternum in New World
Check in at Inns to fast travel for free in New World

Guides & Tips 5: Chose your Factions in New World 

One of the features of New World is the Faction system, which is the basic foundation when Pvp allows players to participate in 50 vs 50 battles to compete for territory on Aeternum. As part of the main story quest when you’ve just joined for the first few hours. You need to talk to representatives of 3 New World Factions groups – The Syndicate, The Marauders, and The Covernant.

The three representations have different banners, aesthetics and values. But they all share the same operating method in New World. Each Faction will offer different benefits and the shops in each Faction will be no different from the others.

However, you need to note that when you want to join the Company, you must join the place where the same members of the Faction you are active. On the other hand, if you are raising the PvP flag, you need to form a party with members of the same Faction. So choose Faction, where your friends are so you can always play with them.

Chose your Factions in New World 

Guides & Tips 6: Using your Territory Standing Points in New World

When doing anything on Aeternum territory, you can get Territofy Standing. This leveling system can unlock certain benefits when you are in a certain area.

Some of the most valuable benefits like increasing the odds of getting Territofy Standing in an area, which can help you get more XP, and also reduce the cost of using a workstation.

You can use Territofy Standing Point by opening the tab on the left side of the map.

Using your Territory Standing Points in New World

Guides & Tips 7: Raise your flag for PvP will give you more XP

Assuming you need to expand your XP acquires somewhat more, Flagging yourself for PvP in New World is the way will help. You’ll get a little XP reward for anything you do out in the open world while flag is raising. But if you’re helpless against assaults from players of opponent Factions. Assuming you need to benefit most from this XP support, ensure you are party up for certain companions, go on some PvP Faction missions together, and shield each other from foe players. Keep in mind, they should be in a similar Faction as you to party up!

Assuming you need to Flag yourself for PvP, you’ll need to have joined a Faction first. Whenever you’ve done that, you can flip your PvP banner on or off at whatever point you are in a Settlement by squeezing the ‘U’ key. Your Faction banner symbol at the lower part of your screen will change to mirror your hailed or unflagged status. There’s no PvP in Settlements, so you’re protected insofar as you stay in one. On the off chance that you leave a Settlement, you’ll become helpless against assaults following a 30-second commencement.

Raise your flag for PvP in New World gives you more XP


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