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A summary of the rarity of all 5 weapon cases in The Armory and how they affect the overall base damage of weapons in Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity.

The rarity of weapons in Far Cry 6 will determine the damage dealt in addition to other accessories and features. In Far Cry 6, we have 5 rarity levels, defined by stars and colors. You can understand star level through color rare by the image below

This is an example of how weapon rarity works, a 1-star white rarity 1911 pistol will have the lowest base damage and no perks or attachments. When testing an ordinary enemy, it takes up to 4-5 shots to defeat him. Although the 5-star yellow rare 1911 pistol with 4 times the base damage, sight attachment, front barrel attachment, and up to 4 additional perks, it will defeat the body of the same ordinary enemy in 1-2 shots.


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In Far Cry 6: Gas Madness, the 1-star white rare weapon in Far Cry 6 cannot be found while exploring. They were purchased from the Armory at a low price after unlocking their respective weapon boxes. That means, only weapons that can be collected during exploration are the 2-star green rare weapons. Which players can obtain after successfully completing the gun show challenge.

How Weapon Rarities Change The Difficulty In Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity

Basically, the damage that a weapon deals with increases according to the rarity of that weapon classified when upgrading. This is a basic list summarizing the damage increase of each rare type in Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity.

When facing challenging targets in Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity, rarity is important. You can use the difficulty bar to identify these targets on the main map. Objects shown with red status bar are graded in player challenge level. The highest rarity is the 5-star yellow rare weapon. However players can equip the 3-star blue rare weapon to complete these goals, but this will be a more difficult challenge.

  • Memory Mission “Radioplay
  • Memory Mission “You Hit The Ground
  • Trial “Pain
  • Gun Show: Rifle
  • Trial “Survival
  • Trial “Endurance
  • Gun Show: Grenade Launcher
  • Gun Show: SMG
  • Memory Mission “Birthright

Equipable features and accessories are determined by the rarity of the weapon. Here is a more concise summary of the different upgrades for each weapon:

  • The Shotgun Case is an exception, like this case, the Shotgun does not have a Sight Attachment, so If you equip a Shotgun, you will have more perk abilities than the other Primary Weapon Cases.
  • Secondary Weapons also have a Sight Attachment, A Laser Sight Attachment, Front Barrel Attachment, and 4 perks. The Pistol and Auto-Pistol Cases, except for Full-Auto and Burst firing modes on Auto-Pistols and Semi-Auto for Pistols.
  • Specialist Weapons of course still have a Sight Attachment, A Laser Sight Attachment, Front Barrel Attachment, and 4 perks. Especially, with M-79 and Bow Case because they do not have either a Sight, Laser Sight, or Front Barrel Attachment slot, so the two have all 4 perks.


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