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“New World” is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that challenges players to explore vast lands, fight enemies and collect familiar and magical resources, Rivercress Stems is of it. Throughout the game, players will face each other from 2 other Factions and increasingly powerful monsters. Building a character that can defeat powerful enemies requires resources and carefully crafted weapons. As players level up, certain tasks to obtain new items will be available, which requires XP.


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Completing missions and building strong characters is an important part of the new world, but collecting various items is equally important. In the entire new world, players need to harvest various supplies, such as Azoth or Rivercress Stems to make and complete tasks. Finding the stems of Hecress is part of the weakness of the ego task, but they may be difficult to obtain.

When building or expanding settlements, players need a lot of new world resources, such as stones, flint, and Rivercrest stems. Players can find Hecress in several areas of the new world. As the name suggests, these plants are found near rivers, but the resources are shared in the new world, so they may be difficult to encounter. Players need to have certain tools and skills in order to harvest the stems of Hecress plants. Stems are arcane resources that players can use to craft.

Guide: How to collect Rivercress Stems In New World
Collect Rivercress Stems In New World

Collection Rivercress Stems In New World

New World has been popular since its launch, so resource scarcity may occur on crowded servers. However, there are specific areas in the game where you can find Hecress plants. These plants can be identified by their blue rays and spherical spheres. The most populated areas of this resource are southwestern Windsward and along the banks of the river near Everfall. Or if the player can’t find them in a popular area.

They can find more remote areas with nearby water sources and search for Rivercress plants there. Obtaining a stem requires at least 30 harvest skills and a flint sickle. The flint sickle can achieve by crafting with flint and wood at the level 1 forging station.

When collecting certain plants (such as hemp) around the land or on the farm, the character harvesting skills will enchance. Once the player has the right tools and skill level, they can harvest the stems of the Hecress plant. The “Weakness of Ego” task requires a stalk of Hecada, which will allow players to make a universal tincture of corruption in the arcane library. After making the potion, the player will get a reward from Adiana Theron.

The Rivercress stems are also used in various arcane recipes, including potions and magic weapons.



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