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Like many other games when newly released, Far Cry 6 is also expected to satisfy the expectations of players, however, there are also some unexpected issues (Maine 15f Error) that appear to make the gamer’s experience a bit uncomfortable.

In which, the Maine 15f error code is one of the common errors reported by many players. This error appears when players try to access Far Cry 6 online services such as co-op mode. As well as get rewards and other online content.


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Since Far Cry 5’s release, Ubisoft has allowed players to co-op in every part of the campaign in the game. This is an upgrade that gets a lot of support. And the appearance of the Maine 15f error code is annoying and frustrating for many players.

However, fortunately, 4FREEGAME has learned and suggested a few ways to solve the Maine 15f error code. Allows players to enjoy the main gameplay of Far Cry 6 with their friends.

While some errors that cause Maine 15f error code can be solved simply and quickly. Others may be caused by server problems.

Guide: How to Fix the Maine 15f Error Code in Far Cry 6
Far Cry 6 face to main 15f error code fix

Here are some possible ways to fix problems caused by the Maine 15f error code for Far Cry 6

  • Restart the game
  • Restart the console/PC
  • Change Ubisoft password
  • Connect to a different network

If the above doesn’t work, you should check and use Far Cry 6’s verifying system to fix the error. This can also help with other problems. This can take time and effort, but it has been reported to work well with many players experiencing the Maine 15f error code.

How To Verify Game Files For Far Cry 6

This process will depend on your device configuration and the launcher used to install Far Cry 6.

Epic Games Launcher: Go to the Game Library, and click the “…” at the bottom left of Far Cry 6’s cover art. Then, click the “Verify” option, and wait until the launcher has finished verifying all Far Cry 6 installation files. Note: Do not disable Epic Game Launcher until this process is complete.

Ubisoft Connect Launcher: Go to the Games tab, then right-click on Far Cry 6. Click Properties>Find Local Files>Verify Files, and wait for the process to complete. And again, don’t turn off Ubisoft Connect while this is in progress.

If the Maine 15f error code persists, one should contact Ubisoft’s customer support channel directly. Tell them exactly the current situation. In the case of luck, the player can handle the problem. Or it will take a while for Ubisoft to release updates for this serious problem because quite a few players are experiencing the Maine 15f error code.


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