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Similar to the unicorn in the realm of rebirth, the firebird is the first legendary mount to expand the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Firebird exudes golden glowing wings and feathers and is one of the larger mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. It will definitely attract the attention of onlookers and is awe-inspiring with its majestic aesthetics. To obtain this rare giant bird, players must invest hours in the ultimate trial of farming heaven.

Players can unlock the Firebird mount by collecting the Lanna mount in Final Fantasy XIV. Lanners have seven colors, each of which is related to the reward for a specific boss fight. Although the Kirin’s nightmare mount can be obtained from the bosses encountered during MSQ.

Guide: How To Unlock The Firebird Mount in Final Fantasy XIV
Firebird Mount

Players must also participate in the optional Warring Triad questline to unlock the necessary bosses to obtain Firebird’s Lanners. The mount drop rate for each trial should not be too low, but unfortunately, players who did not get a specific drop can exchange unique totem currency for mounts


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To unlock Firebird Mount in Final Fantasy XIV. Players must unlock the following Lanner variants: White Lanner, Rose Lanner, Dark Lanner, Warring Lanner, Sophic Lanner, and Demonic Lanner. After acquiring each one, players can visit the NPC Walking Atlas in Idyllshire at X: 7.5, Y: 6.1. She will provide the mission “hot wings, hot heart”, which will lead players to the hinterland of Delabanya to unlock the Firebird Mount.

How To Farm Lanner Mounts In FFXIV

The ideal strategy for Firebird Farm is to upgrade the combat missions in Final Fantasy XIV to 80. This method allows players to enter asynchronous tasks instead of relying on finding other random players to queue up. Although it is theoretically possible to single-player level 60 content in any profession or profession. If the player chooses a simple but highly sustainable profession like the Paladin. This will greatly benefit the player’s mountain farming. If players are still having trouble fighting the boss, they can use Party Finder to create a team focused on farming a specific Extreme Trial Unsynced.

Guide: How To Unlock The Firebird Mount in Final Fantasy XIV
Summon Firebird Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Two NPCs will provide players with the ultimate difficulty mode for necessary trials. Players can talk to Unukalhai in Rising Stone at X:6, Y:5 to unlock “Infinite Blue (Extreme)”, “Thok ast Thok (Extreme)”, “Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme)”, “Containment Bay P1T6” “(Extreme)” and “Containment Bay Z1T9 (Extreme)”. They need to talk to Mor Dhona’s Alys at X:21, Y:8 to unlock “The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign” and “The Minstrel’s Ballad: Nidhogg’s Rage”.

Players will get a corresponding totem every time they defeat a boss. Players can bring totem x99 to Bertana in Idyllshire at X:5.8, Y:5.2 and exchange them for Lanner mounts. Once each Lanner mount is unlocked, players will be able to perform the FFXIV mission “Fiery Wings, Fiery Hearts” and receive their Firebird.



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