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There are 21 treasure hunts in “Far Cry 6“, including the “Emerald Skull” treasure hunt, which is challenging and takes some time to complete. Treasure hunting is a mission in Far Cry 6 that rewards players with valuable equipment, weapons, and items, but because players need to solve puzzles in the process, it may be difficult to complete them. “Emerald Skull” is one of the more difficult treasure hunt missions in “Far Cry 6”.

Among the 21 treasure hunts in “Far Cry 6”, “Emerald Skull” is also the most time-consuming and requires some travel to complete. To start the treasure hunt, the player needs to find a note in Concepcion in the Este region. The letter on the table at that location will start the “Emerald Skull” treasure hunt. The player needs to go to the new marker next to it to continue the mission.


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The first part of the “Emerald Skull” treasure hunt is to obtain the hapless skeleton from the marked location. Players can find a grab point in the cave, and then complete a series of grabs to reach the top. There is a corpse at the top of the cave holding an unlucky skull, but grasping it will detonate a grenade. The player should take the skeleton and leave quickly before the grenade explodes, and then go to the next mark to continue the “Emerald Skull” treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

Complete the “Far Cry 6” Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt

There will be a crocodile at the entrance of the next cave, so the player needs to defeat it before entering. Using the unlucky skull on the big statue, the player can unlock a hidden room and continue through the cave. Before the player completes the next part of the mission, he needs to fight several crocodiles.

After defeating the crocodile, the player can go up the stairs to find the statue and interact with it. They also need to go to the other side of the cave, where they will find an additional statue. They must also interact with the second statue.

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Emerald Skull in Far Cry 6

The figure in the middle of the room will drop, and another hidden path will open. Players can now go to the top of the first staircase and pass through the new passage. They should advance slowly and shoot traps along the way from a safe distance.

At the end of the passage, players will find the treasure they are looking for. Like other treasure hunts in “Far Cry 6” such as the “Parting Gift”, completing the “Emerald Skull” treasure hunt will bring players rich rewards. At the end of this mission, Dani will receive Ida’s war dance amulet as well as experience and pesos.


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