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With large area construction, Forza Horizon 5 encourages players to do these challenges to explore different areas.

Star 27’s mural in Forza Horizon 5 is one such quest. In addition to the main quests and race festival in the game. The quests to find Star 27’s mural are necessary for the player to explore the variety of the game as well as collect Accolade and experience points. Then earn wheel spins that can result in big cash prizes or new Forza Horizon 5 cars.

Guide: Photo challenges - Star 27'S Mural In Forza Horizon 5
Forza Horizon 5

The challenge that requires players to find the Star 27 mural is the “Mural Compass” challenge. In order to complete it, the player needs to find the mural of Star 27 and take a photo. This challenge is another way for players to explore the world as they complete Forza Horizon 5. As long as the player knows where to look, the challenge is not difficult to complete.


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Players need to activate the “Mural Compass” challenge and a modern Forza Horizon 5 sports car. The players have to take a Star 27 mural with a modern sports car inside the photo to complete the challenge. This shouldn’t be a problem, because every player starts with one, which will help them get to the location of the mural faster.

How To Find Star 27’S Mural In Forza Horizon 5

Starting from Casa Bella’s house to find Star 27 mural will make it easier for players to find. This is the first house the player can enter in the game. And it is very close to the location of the mural. From Casa Bella, the player can turn left and then turn left into the Arch of Heroica Mulege. After passing under the archway, they can enter a long road at the next available left turn. After the last left turn, the player can continue driving along the road until they find a large mural on the building on the right side of the road.

Guide: Photo challenges - Star 27'S Mural In Forza Horizon 5
Star 27’S Mural

They can park the sports car of their choice in front of the Star 27 mural and press the up arrow on the arrow key to enter the photo mode. The picture needs to include the mural and their car, so players should make sure they clearly enter the frame. They can always take a second photo to get a really attractive angle to maintain. But they should make sure to take one photo specifically to ensure that both subjects are safely within the boundaries of the photo.

That way, the challenge’s requirements will be met, and players can continue the main campaign of Forza Horizon 5.


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