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As many gamers know, one of the most nostalgic parts of any game is music, and “Mario Party Superstars” includes classic soundtracks for all five boards. Brings players the opportunity to make their experience more nostalgic. Mario Party Superstars is the nostalgic dream of Mario Party fans, bringing together 100 of the best and most iconic mini-games and maps from the last 10 games released in the series. The “hottest singles” series came at the right time, and the holiday was just around the corner.


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Just extract a few notes from the beloved game soundtrack to pull the heartstrings and evoke good memories. Nintendo also knows this and gives players the opportunity to unlock some classic board music to increase the fun of each game. Mario Party Superstars will not be considered an “All-Star” party game.

The boards used in “Mario Party Superstars” are all from the Nintendo 64 era. And they have all improved their music. There is a way to unlock classic music for each board. This is a fairly simple task. All players need to do is complete the entire game session on each board. The fastest way is to play a standard offline game with a simple CPU, a total of 10 rounds. Due to variables such as landing in different spaces, mini-games, etc., most 10-round games take about 30 minutes.

Guild: Unlock Classic Background Music in Mario Party Superstars

There is also no need for players to win to unlock classic music, as long as they play. Of course, you can also unlock the classic soundtrack by discovering how to use items and playing old boards in Mario Party Superstars with friends and family.

So far, no DLC for Superstars has been announced, but the amount of content already available is enough to make any fan happy. Make some friends and go crazy together! This is the perfect game for friends and family during this holiday season.


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[…] Guide: Unlock Classic Background Music in Mario Party Superstars […]

[…] Guide: Unlock Classic Background Music in Mario Party Superstars […]