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Recently, the sequel to the story of Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, was introduced on Sony’s State of Play program. After the previous success, the new game received a lot of expectations. And as expected, after Horizon Forbidden West introduction, many forums and many players highly apprecited it. So let’s see what improvements the manufacturer brings to the new product.

In a sequence of unfinished story of the previous part, this sequel will still follow the main character Aloy to a new land. This place is threatened by a mysterious epidemic. According to developer Guerrilla Games, the game has expanded the map scope and the moveable area much wider. It is possible to explore the underwater area. If you were satisfied with the previous game, you will not be disappointed with what Forbidden West will bring you.

2. Graphics and game improvements.

To talk about the game’s graphics through the live stream performance of Horizon Forbidden West… If in 2017 when the first game received countless compliments for the graphic quality, now you will have to say “Shut”. up and take my money”.

After 8 months of releasing PlayStation 5, until now, Forbidden West’s graphics can be worth every silver coin for the investment in Sony’s new system. Although before that we had the Returnal and Resident Evil Village that is good ad their graphics, with Forbidden West, the scenery and grandeur of the environment show the true potential of PS5 and Sony’s franchised games. And certainly, the players of other systems are very jealous of PS5 owners.

Note: in the State of Play gameplay video, it is very likely that Sony is capturing in a mode that balances performance and frames with Ray Tracing and 30FPS at 4K resolution. So there will be another mode for players who need a higher frame rate.

In addition to improvements in graphics, the gameplay has also achieved a new breakthrough. Aloy’s movement now improves the right functionality of a hunter. More specifically, they use two special tools to increase mobility when moving in the game.

The first tool allows Aloy to launch a kind of parachute…with electromagnetic fields. Basically, I feel this is a worthwhile improvement in the style of battleground games like PUPG, Fortnite, or Breath of the Wild.

If before you had to struggle to move from the top of the mountain to the plain with a tiring detour or to climb down a watchtower and then fall…dumbly dead, now we can be confident. You can fly from the top of the mountain and then parachute to admire the scenery. Nice work Guerrilla Games.

Another tool functions as Batman’s Grapnel Gun in Arkham Knight. The terrain stapler allows Aloy to swing high or create distance from enemies. However, you can’t just shoot wherever you want, but you need to observe to see the markers can swing up.

Personally, I really like this upgrade. Why? Horizon Zero Dawn is a fat world game with a variety of mountainous areas, different rock canyons. And the weakness of the previous game has been properly corrected with these 2 upgrades. It will make the player’s exploration no longer boring when only can ride and run as before.

3. Strongly upgraded combat mechanics.

Another important reason why  Horizon Forbidden West deserves to be a worthwhile sequel to the previous Horizon Zero Dawn is in the combat mechanism. In the first part of the game, the fight revolves around the stealth mechanism to assassinate, then when confronting directly you will have to keep your distance and then counterattack with long-range weapons that put traps to control when keeping enough distance. away from big goals.

This mechanism creates a unique feature for the game as well as giving players the thrill of fighting with different types of giant robots. And again thanks to the introduction of the holy chain and the upgrade to Aloy’s spear, the player’s combat experience will now greatly enhance. You can now team fight to combine close-range attacks and bows for a great combo.

Aloy’s early game battle with enemies in the prologue proves it. Also now Aloy’s melee weapon has upgraded with a device that can charge energy into the spear to create a shock wave that stuns enemies.

Finally, the battle between Aloy and Mecha Elephant at the end of the Livestream. Looking at the number of weapons in the inventory, you will now have a larger selection. The battle also shows that the game’s powerful graphics, as well as the authenticity of the robots, are greatly improved. Promise you will have more wonderful experiences in the world of Forbidden West

4. Small improvements you might overlook

These are the points I found upgrade when compare to Horizon Zero Dawn’s PS4 gameplay videos.

The Hairwork effect now works better.
Interaction with the game’s vegetation types improved.

Currently, Horizon Forbidden West does not have a specific release time, and keep in mind this is a gameplay trailer. It is possible that the final product will be diffrent.

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