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There are new rumors that Elden Ring will soon hold a new network test before its release in early 2022. This will be the second beta version of the action-adventure game, and the first test took place just last month. Although the shaky nature of this rumor makes it something you shouldn’t hope for now. The situation outlined does sound very reasonable.

About 2nd Elden Ring network test

According to a new thread on 4chan. The publisher Bandai Namco will soon announce a new Elden Ring open network test during the game awards next week. Unlike the previous network test, this new test will be open to all players and will be conducted in a different location compared to the previous test phase. The rumors continue that this new demo will take place between December 10th and 12th. In addition, it will only be available on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, and those platforms on the PC are again excluded.


What’s New in the Elden Ring – Beta version on PlayStation


As mentioned earlier, it is worth considering this rumor related to Elden Ring with a very important grain of salt. Since the source of this hypothetical information comes from 4chan, its legitimacy cannot be verified. Although 4chan has been a source of accurate leaks in the past for upcoming video games. It has always been a very questionable place to gather new information.

Hot: Elden Ring Rumored to Hold New Network
Elden Ring Rumored to Hold New Network

Having said that, what is expressed here is not so far-fetched. Although FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have not yet said whether there will be any new network testing before the launch of Elden Ring. It is not uncommon to see multiple beta versions of many games before the final arrival. Therefore, this is likely to be accurate.

No matter what the truth is, given The Game Awards is scheduled for December 9th, we won’t have much time to learn about it. As for Elden Ring, the game will be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms on February 25th next year.


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