In this article, we’ll get to know about the Hustle Castle game on PC. So many players agree this is an enjoyable game, but is it the one you’ve been looking for?

Basic information about Hustle Castle game

Price: Free

APK file size: 106.3 MB

Current version: 1.41.0

Categories: Games, Role Playing

Developer: B.V.

Developer’s Notes: Build & decorate your own castle, start the war of kingdoms

System requirements: Android 4.4 and above

Hustle Castle update

Players can leave the clan environment at will

Hustle Castle’s big event is coming soon! Get ready for the Great Knight Challenge with a huge selection of unique rewards.

The game’s changes in version 1.41.0 includes:

– Improved functionality to increase gems

– Players can leave the clan environment at will

– Changes to the gems in the key shop

– Ability to link accounts on My.Games


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Hustle Castle game’s details 

Become a real lord and ruler of a medieval castle! Players, get ready – the medieval fantasy RPG starts now! 

Accept new residents, assign them to their tasks and improve your RPG empire!

Embark on an exciting RPG adventure – here are some of the possibilities that RPGs offer you:

Immerse yourself in a story-based RPG campaign! 

Fight orcs, giants, skeletons and even dragons in hundreds of missions! Magic battles, cold armor and cunning RPG strategy!

“Build your own castle!” 

Build new rooms for your fort and upgrade existing ones. 

You have everything you need to build a dream castle! Start building on the castle grounds now!

“Train the peasants of your kingdom!” 

Each of your inmates can learn new skills and wear any gear. Enjoy a medieval fantasy RPG, train great warriors and scribes… then trade them for each other!

– Cooperative: Play with friends or casual players and go on a treasure hunt in mysterious dungeons

– Enjoy multiplayer in mobile games. Go medieval! Burn and loot the kingdom of someone you don’t like… And you don’t like everyone, do you?

Improve your character, be rich and influential. Build dating rooms and watch your residents have children who will soon grow up and serve your empire. 

A Medieval RPG mobile game awaits you!

Play medieval mobile roleplaying and building games and reach 54 million downloads worldwide!

Closing thoughts

Hope you find this piece of information useful. Please share what are the most interesting things about Hustle Castle from your point of view.

Now if you can’t wait any longer to explore Hustle Castle, you can quickly download the game here


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